Congrats Vishal: Winner of 1 Year Music Lessons!

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#mymusicologiemoment winner of one year of free lessons!
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Kay Barker is a teacher and musician with degrees in vocal performance and psychology. She co-founded Musicologie in 2014 and has toured nationally with her band Bella Ruse opening for artists like Sarah McLachlan and Heart.

We’re seriously excited to share that Musicologie Dublin student Vishal Kumar is the winner of one year of music lessons in our #MyMusicologieMoment campaign! Let’s give him a massive round of applause for taking home the grand prize! Way to go, Vishal!

Vishal’s winning video showcased his incredible talent as he performed a beautiful piano piece that he had been diligently working on during his lessons with his teacher, Eric Neuenschwander. The dedication and passion he displayed truly shone through.

Before one of his lessons, we had the pleasure of catching up with Vishal to hear his thoughts on winning a year of free music lessons. With a smile on his face, he expressed, “A year of lessons means another year to continue to pursue my passion for music. It’s an opportunity to play the songs I’ve always wanted to play. It’s a year to turn what was once a dream into reality, which is crazy!”

Congratulations, Vishal! We are beyond thrilled to be able to support you for another year as you follow your musical dreams. May this year be filled with countless magical moments, inspiring melodies, and continuous growth as you explore and expand your musical horizons.

Let’s join Vishal in spreading the joy of music and sharing our own musical stories with the world. Each of us has a unique voice and a beautiful melody to contribute. Together, we can create a harmonious symphony of creativity and passion.

The Musicologie community is here to cheer you on every step of the way. Let’s embrace the transformative power of music and continue to celebrate the incredible talent and dedication of individuals like Vishal Kumar.

Here’s to a year filled with beautiful music and endless possibilities. Congratulations once again, Vishal! Your journey is an inspiration to us all.

Musically yours,

Kay Barker + the whole Musicologie Team

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