Accelerated Piano Lab™

A New Approach to Piano Lessons

Accelerated Piano Lab is an innovative approach to music education that teaches independent practice skills and accelerates achievement. Lab students move faster through their music, are better at practicing, and are more self-sufficient learners. For most beginning to intermediate students, it’s the best way to learn.

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How it Works

Three to five students work separately at their pianos with headphones, alternating between interacting with the teacher and independent learning. The lab is compatible with any curriculum, preferred method or repertoire. Each student’s progress is completely separate and independent from everyone else. In addition to their regular curriculum books, Lab students work from Musicologie’s proprietary Lab curriculum which fills learning gaps and makes drilling scales and technique fun!

Why Students AND Parents Love Accelerated Piano Lab

Lab has been shown to dramatically improve a student’s sight reading skills. This is the biggest skill that students need in order to learn music quickly.

Students move through their books faster.

Students to learn more music each week.

Includes proven practice techniques so home practice is all about review and increasing speed.

Less tedium = more fun at home.

Minimizes the parent’s need to supervise practice at home. Fewer battles about practicing and just more fun!


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