2019 Our Year in Review

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About the Author

Joseph Barker

Joseph is co-founder of Musicologie.

About the Author

Joseph Barker

Joseph is co-founder of Musicologie.

2019 was a year of testing our ideas. Could we find and hire enough new teachers who shared our ideals? Did our new software provide a better experience for teachers and students? We made big management changes. Did they allow us to serve students more effectively? Could we replicate what we built in Grandview and Westerville again in Dublin and Lewis Center?

Saying Yes

Things have worked out mostly as planned. I feel lucky. Well, not exactly lucky. The Musicologie team has worked hard and planned well. But Kay and I didn’t have to move to Columbus seven years ago. That was chance. We’d be in a much different place if we hadn’t. And it was chance that we met the amazing people who would become our confidants and partners. Those relationships started as late night talks at bars and shows.

What we did do was say ‘yes’ when opportunity knocked. That’s my takeaway this year. You can make your own luck just by saying ‘yes’. It doesn’t matter if you’re ready. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what will happen. Say yes.

Taking More Risks

Not everything I’ve said yes to has worked out. At Musicologie, not every class we host is successful, not every change we make is a good one. That’s ok as long as we learn from it and grow. But here’s the thing: you’ll never know what’s possible if you don’t say yes to begin with.

One thing that I didn’t realize would happen is as Musicologie grows, it’s become harder to take risks, not easier. It’s harder because there’s more at stake. Changes feel much bigger than they used to. This year we’ll have opportunities come at us that will be big risks. My resolution is to say ‘yes’ as much as I can.

By the Numbers

Here’s 2019 at Musicologie by the numbers:

We hired 35 Teachers,

taught 24,173 lessons,

enrolled 717 new students,

provided 15 lesson scholarships,

We had 25 student concerts

with 398 performers,

and we opened one new Musicologie Lewis Center.

Have a happy 2020 – see you in a practice room!

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