3 Electric Guitar Practice Tips From the Pros

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The first few weeks of learning to play electric guitar are an exciting time! The possibilities are endless! You’re learning new things and progressing every day. However, in order to make playing a part of your life, you need to practice regularly. This is where guitar players – and every musician – can fall short.  It’s not uncommon for both beginners and more experienced players to sometimes lose the motivation to pick up their guitar and practice. It happens. You can feel guilty about not practicing and it can make you think you’re not good enough.  But don’t let this … Read More

Essential Guitar Pedals for Beginners

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Guitar effects pedals can enhance the sound of any electric string instrument in a number of different ways. Some of our own teachers experiment with loop and other effects pedals to find new textures and evolve their own personal sound. However, before you reach for that shiny, new loop pedal, you might be better off starting with more basic ways to alter and develop your instrument’s signal. If you’re new to the pedal game, here are some of the most essential effects pedal types that you should try. Dynamics Pedals The first pedals that beginners need to master are the … Read More