This is the Number One Thing Parents Want From Music Lessons

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One of the big issues we see our students face in their music lessons is scheduling. Kids have packed schedules. Parents are spread thin. Making all the scheduling pieces fit can be a challenge. Musicologie parents have consistently said that scheduling flexibility is the most important thing when finding music lessons for their kids, and one of their favorite things about Musicologie.

Here’s how Musicologie provides scheduling flexibility:

The first thing: Unlimited rescheduling. Did you know most music schools have a time limit or number limit on missed lessons? We don’t! It’s part of our commitment to providing simply delightful music lessons. Cancel your lesson with 24 hours notice and you can reschedule it at any time in the future. That’s right: ANY time. Let’s say you quit lessons and come back a year later, any previously cancelled lessons will be on your account, waiting for you, regardless how many there are or how long ago they were.

The second thing: Schedule with any teacher, from any location, online or in-person. We know you’ll develop a special relationship with your regular teacher. But, for those times when you need to reschedule, you can easily choose from any of our certified music teachers and book with a couple taps, because of…

The third thing: Your My Musicologie Account. You can cancel and reschedule your lessons from your My Musicologie account with just a few taps! How is that possible? Well, we built our own student scheduling software to give our students an incredible scheduling experience.

Here’s what one of our students, Shannan, said about the Musicologie online scheduling experience:

I also absolutely LOVE the online account where parents and students can see lesson notes and make their own scheduling changes! That scheduling function is BANANAS! Got a conflict? No worries! Wanna try a different instructor or even another instrument? SURE! And there is no old-school phone tag trying to line it up just right…seriously…I cannot stress what a cool feature it is!Shannan via Google

How Rescheduling Works in Your My Musicologie Account (VIDEO)

Watch the video below to see a 2 minute overview of how to reschedule a missed lesson in your account.

Rescheduling With Your Current Teacher

The simplest thing to do is to reschedule with you current teacher. You can do it with a couple taps right in your account. Your teacher’s availability is displayed and you can choose from any open time they have in the next two weeks.

Rescheduling With a Different Teacher

Did you know ALL of our teachers go through Musicologie training and are certified according to our five level teacher certification? That means you can be sure any teacher you choose is going to meet our standards of excellence.

Because our teachers are trained and certified, you should feel confident that you can have a great experience with another, excellent Musicologie teacher if your regular teacher isn’t available. In your account you can view times from any teacher across our whole system of studios.

Not only is this very convenient, but it’s so valuable to get the perspective of a different teacher, even for just 30 minutes. They’ll give you new advice, a new perspective, and maybe some new tips or games to try at home to keep yourself motivated.

Rescheduling on a Different Instrument

Why would you want to reschedule on a different instrument? Because every instrument is awesome! Just like getting the perspective of a new teacher is valuable, experiencing a new instrument can unlock new ideas and new practice strategies. And it can be really fun! Most of our teachers play more than one instrument.

For example, if you’re a singer, it’s a great idea to learn a few chords on the guitar or piano. If you’re a guitar player, it’s great to take a lesson or two on the drums and lock in your rhythm.

We believe that music makes us human. We’re in the businesses of help you become a well rounded musician AND human. Experiencing music on multiple instruments is fun, exciting, and will help you achieve your goals.

How to Cancel a Single Lesson or Class

If you need to cancel a lesson, you can login to your account (just click the login button in the upper right), tap on the lesson or class and then tap “cancel”. It’s as easy as that!

If you cancel your private lesson 24 hours in advance, or your class 30 minutes in advance, you’ll be able to reschedule it anytime in the future. That’s right, canceled lessons never expire. Even if you withdraw from lessons and return, all your canceled lessons will still be there in your account, ready to reschedule.

All you need to do is tap “Reschedule a Missed Lesson” at the top of your Musicologie account and you’ll see all the lessons eligible to be rescheduled.


We want you to focus on enjoying music, and NOT worry about your schedule. By managing your schedule in your Musicologie account, you can do that!

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