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Musicologie has won Best in Music Instruction in Columbus Parent Magazine Family Faves reader survey for the fifth year in a row! And that makes me so happy, and a little nostalgic. Well, a lot nostalgic, actually.

I remember when my oldest was really little and we were less encumbered by schedules, we ventured out everyday. We were regulars at COSI’s little kidspace, ran the circuit of play cafes, and sought out every library storytime in the Greater Columbus area. We rarely had lunch at home when the weather was nice. It was far more fun to spread a blanket beside a play structure somewhere and sit and read a book (ha!) while my little one alternated bites with a go down the slide — chew, chew, chew!

So, whenever I saw a pile of Columbus Parent magazines in the wild, I grabbed one and leafed through to see what I didn’t know about raising a family in Columbus (a lot, it always turned out). The annual reader poll was always an especially fun feature for me, someone who really appreciated a golden nugget of parenting wisdom handed down to me from those who’d gone before. 

It always felt good then to be able to cast a vote in Columbus Parent’s annual reader survey. It was a way to support local businesses who had supported me (To Jen and her staff at Firefly Play Cafe in Clintonville, you saw me at my lowest at times and you got me through). And it was a chance to pay it forward, to share with other parents out there just starting out the keys to the city.

So, as I’ve gotten on in years, I no longer have just one in tow, but four.  Admittedly, we don’t get out as much, and I can’t blame that entirely on the pandemic. Our fourth, at almost 3 years of age, has no idea what a play cafe is. But, we still vote. And our vote matters more to us now than ever before, because we’re not just looking for a diversion or a nice place to pass the hours until nap time (I am not, in any way, diminishing the value in that, just to be clear). Musicologie is the one place we make sure to vote for each and every year. It is a place, a community, that nurtures in my kids something far more lasting: a love for music.

Musicologie has taken the top spot in Columbus Parent Magazine’s reader survey for the last five years, and for very good reason. Because in all those years they have been making learning music fun. Never once have I had to, ahem, strongly encourage my kids to get their butts in the car because it was time for piano lessons. I’ve been lucky, too, because it’s never been a matter of getting them to practice, either. That all important, sometimes elusive, “intrinsic motivation” is growing in them, I know it. And, trust me, no parenting wizardry is at work here. The only thing I’ve been intentional about is trusting their Musicologie teachers and my kids to figure it out together. The most gratifying thing is that as a parent, I feel like I did it. I uncovered the secret; I found what works. That’s the only thing I can take credit for. We didn’t have to try several other studios or teachers before finding Musicologie, which would be especially hard, I can imagine, on a budding musician.

My hope is that the same will be true for the many other parents leafing through the pages of Columbus Parent hoping to find their place. If you’re reading this, you did it, you found it.

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