Cleveland Heights Piano Instructor Publishes Children’s Book Lola’s Adventures

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In this video, Ms. Onofrei performs “In The Park”, from Lola’s Adventures. Follow along with the sheet music, lyrics and beautiful illustrations!

Inna G. Onofrei is an Armenian-American composer and pianist and has been teaching piano at Musicologie Cleveland Heights for over ten years. Ms. Onofrei recently published “Lola’s Adventures,” a piano album for the young. From the composer: 

Thank you for your interest in my book and music! My name is Inna Onofrei, and I am a piano instructor, a composer and a piano artist with over seventeen years of experience. As a teacher, I constantly look for fun musical compositions to help improve my students’ technical and musical skills. When asked by my students to learn music about cats and dogs, I realized there were not many options available. 

It was when my little dog, Lola, and I were walking in the park, a melody suddenly played in my head. Immediately upon returning home, I sat down to my piano and started composing what is now the opening piece, “In the Park”, which reflects Lola’s expressions and movements as we made our way that day. It was then that I started watching both of my pets, Lola and Tishka, in a different, more musical way. From observing the way they interacted with the world, their innocence and curiosity, their playfulness and sense of humor came the music and what followed was this book. I am so honored  to be their fur mom and so thankful they inspired  me to create this piece of art. This book is designed to improve, develop and challenge the creative landscape for students studying piano. But it is also to share the fun and lovable antics of my fur babies, Lola and Tishka. This project has been a labor of love for me to create, and I wish you joy in playing and reading. 

As a composer, I define life through the lens of music that can translate to all ages. Understand, life is full of inspiration to use on a harmonious canvas. What it creates can teach us while telling a story. Thank you for listening to mine. 

You can find out more information and order the book here: 

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