One-on-One Music Lessons For All Ages and Abilities

Private music lessons are hands down the best way to learn an instrument and we offer them online and in-person. If you’re passionate and have a little bit of elbow grease, you’ll be playing or singing your favorite music in no time. Sign up for a first lesson or read on to learn more about lessons work at Musicologie.

Instruments We Teach

How Our Music Lessons Work

Lessons are weekly one-on-one sessions with a teacher specifically matched to you or your child based on your experience and goals. We offer both live online lessons and in-person lessons at our studios. Our teachers are experts at introducing young students to music, helping middle and high school students succeed in juries and competitions, or even helping professionals hone their craft.

The Lesson Membership

When you sign up, you'll purchase a lesson membership, which is a flat fee billed on the 1st of each month. We recommend 30-minute weekly private lessons for young beginners and hourly long weekly lessons for advanced players and adults. The lesson membership includes:

  • A weekly lesson time - in person or online - reserved with an expert teacher
  • Unlimited rescheduling with 24 hours notice - made easy with our scheduling software
  • At least two concerts annually and other cool performance opportunities

Getting Started

The first step is to introduce yourself and help us get to know you. You can do that by filling out our get started form. We'll talk briefly about what you want to achieve and then we'll schedule a 30 minute assessment lesson. At the assessment, you’ll meet your teacher, who will go over your goals and develop a personal curriculum for you. We know that your relationship with your teacher is the most important thing about lessons and we work hard to make sure it's right from the beginning. After the assessment, you'll sign up for ongoing weekly lessons. Most are 30 minutes, but some students do 45 minute or hour long lessons. All ongoing lessons are reserved for you on the same day and time each week with the same teacher. You'll also be able to attend optional group classes, performances and open practice.

Online Lessons

We also teach online lessons! If you want to do online lessons from the comfort of your home (or boat or RV or campsite or vacation rental) you can! Our teachers all offer online lessons in addition to in-person lessons. In fact, you can seamlessly transition between them. For instance, if you typically do in-person lessons at a studio and are going to be out of town for a week, just switch your lesson to an online lesson with your usual teacher on our scheduling app and keep learning! Check out our tips for getting the most out of your online lessons.

Learn more about our live online lessons >>

Classes for Infants and Toddlers

Our program for infants and toddlers called Musicologie Junior offers a group class experience for little ones and their adults. Studies show that early exposure to music can help brain development, social skills, and motor function. Musicologie Junior is an exciting way to make music with your little one while helping prepare them for private lessons by introducing notes, rhythms and melodies through fun songs and stories.

Now available online! We now have on demand videos so you can sing, dance and learn with your tiny musical human anytime! Watch now for free >>

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