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Are you looking for a job as a private music teacher? Are you passionate about music, education and people? Join our teaching staff! Musicologie is a mission driven private music school that is always hiring. We offer great pay, flexible hours, a dynamic teaching environment, and perks like free lessons with other instructors and student loan stipends. Teach the way you want and get paid well at Musicologie.
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Our Mission

Musicologie was started in 2014 by two music teachers, Kay and Joseph Barker. Before Musicologie, they toured the country with their band Bella Ruse opening for Walk the Moon, Heart, and Sarah MacLachlan. Their song Like Spinning Plates has more than a million plays. Between tours, Kay taught at many studios but never felt like she had the community and support she wanted, pay was low, and there was no hope of advancement. She started Musicologie with her husband Joseph because they wanted to build a teaching studio where private music teachers were valued, listened to, and paid what they deserved as highly trained professionals. Musicologie's mission is to create inclusive communities of explorers and empower teachers to build sustainable careers. Read about how our mission informs our decisions.

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When you take a job as a teacher at Musicologie, you'll join the most qualified, passionate team of private music instructors anywhere. Our teachers set high expectations for themselves and for Musicologie leadership and Community Managers. We all work together to create the teaching environment we've always wanted. As a teacher, you get many perks like free lessons with other teachers, student loan repayment options, free use of our recording studios and practice spaces, and full control over your students and schedule.