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Try or Try Not. There Is No Do. Changing your child’s vocabulary towards hard things Yoda said “Do or do not. There is no try.” He was wrong. Sorry, Yoda. There is ONLY try.  So so often, the language our little learners use towards the things they are trying to do, gives them the wrong expectations for themselves. If we tell ourselves that we must do something, and then that something doesn’t happen right away, if feels like failure. And feeling like a failure is not fun. Music should be fun! But practicing can be hard. And definitely frustrating. We … Read More

Sight Reading Isn’t the Enemy!

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I have a confession to make: I used to be a terrible sight reader. Reading a new piece of music on the spot, without the aid of my ear, was a special kind of torture for me as a young pianist. My brain would shut down, my hands would freeze, and it felt as though I was trying to read a foreign language. (That 7-year-old pianist in the picture above? That was me in 1999, when learning a new piece at the piano meant doing as much as I could to rely entirely on playing by ear!) I did not … Read More

How to Find the Right Piano For Practice at Home

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A piano can be a big investment when you’re just starting lessons. I often have students ask me for advice in choosing the right one. So I’ll take you through all of your options to help you find the right piano/keyboard for your needs and budget. You Don’t Need Full Size Piano What? You don’t need a full size piano? I know, I know. Some old school piano instructors might consider this sacrilege. A full size, acoustic piano is often considered a non-negotiable for piano teachers everywhere. Let me push back on that. Yes, you should get one – eventually. … Read More