Socially Distant But Emotionally Connected

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Patrick Schaefer

Patrick is a voice and piano teacher and Assistant Community Manager.

My voice student Cynthia Vaughn is an absolute treasure and highlight of my Saturday mornings. Cynthia shines with a bright positivity, great ambition, and willingness to explore, as we work through all facets of her voice. Whether it’s bringing in original material or giving us a heartfelt rendition of “Close to You”, she always has a game plan. And I am always right there with her, to help her in any and every way I possibly can.

Since she works an extremely stressful job during the week, Cynthia enrolled in piano and voice lessons with Musicologie to tap into her creative sensibilities. She’s also discovered a safe space to grow her musical knowledge and ability, setting weekly mantras and objectives to help achieve her goals.

Recently with our shift to in-studio lessons, Cynthia and I agreed that it’d be nice to work on a few duets in real time. We were both craving that energy born out of in-person collaboration; something that is not happening as much these days. But of course in doing so, we strived for the safest and socially distant way possible.

“Shallow” from A Star Is Born is a piece we both connect with, as it truly encapsulates the collective disconnect felt in this pandemic. Yet, the song is so hopeful, and a perfect representation of our friendship. I’m so glad we took this video, and hope you enjoy!


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