We’re so proud of everything our students accomplish! Get to know us better through some of their stories:

Adam Forshey – student since 2014

Musicologie is a great place for people of all skill levels to experiment with new things or continue to hone their skills! The welcoming environment and friendly staff are very helpful and encouraging. Musicologie has facilitated a fun and exciting outlet for me to challenge myself. I’m grateful for the opportunity to take guitar lessons from the best teacher I know! Thanks a bunch!

Olivia H. – student since 2014

My husband and son (age six now) have been taking piano lessons at Musicologie from Kay Barker for a little over a year now. I cannot believe how much they’ve learned in that time. Our house is full of music, they learn new pieces each week and work on recital pieces for months. The approach to learning at Musicologie is developmentally appropriate and very engaging. Lessons are half an hour each, which makes it affordable and easy to fit into busy schedules. We’ve met many of the other instructors at recital and free events (Guitar Happy Hour and various concerts), and they’re all friendly, fun and knowledgable. The waiting room is comfortable, with a funky vibe, or you can stroll half a block to Grandview Avenue. We’ve referred friends here for voice, piano and other instruments, it’s a great place! Their website is full of helpful information as well, especially about getting started in lessons.

Niccole Reing-Hurley – student since 2013

My children have taken piano lessons at Musicologie for years and the experience is EXCELLENT. Their teacher is a passionate musician who makes learning music fun and accessible for all. Not only have my children grown in their ability but also in their appreciation of music. Their teacher goes out of her way to find fun ways to connect the music they listen to on the radio with the music they play. The vibe of the studio is friendly and open with an energy of creativity and warmth. I can’t recommend Musicologie enough for students of all ages!

Nicole Richardson – student since 2014

Our son has been taking lessons at Musicologie for several years. Joseph is a fantastic instructor. He is kind, thorough and our son loves going to his drum lesson every week. The instructors at Musicologie are truly passionate about music and it directly impacts their students!

Jane E. – student since 2015

I was nervous taking piano lessons as an adult, but I’m so glad I did. You should too!

Hope – student since 2016

Kyle is awesome! Thanks!! Ruth always feels good about herself and the lesson when she leaves.

Estella C – student since 2014

Musicologie has been an amazing place for my son to grow as a guitar artist. He has surpassed my expectations of what he can play in the short amount of time he has been with his teacher, Kyle. From playing his favorite songs on the radio to classical music, he now has a love for the electric guitar. This is an excellent place to excel as a musician.

Monica Peters – student since 2013

My son has been taking piano lessons at Musicologie since he was 4. He is now 7 and has a love for piano that I never imagined he would have. He plays, writes his own short songs, and calls the piano “his instrument”. His younger brother had been asking to take lessons too, and has just started on the drums. I am so happy that I was lucky enough to get the recommendation to come here for my kids’ lessons. I would recommend Musicologie to anyone who has a child who is interested in music.

Heather Kabler – student since 2015

We have had a fabulous experience with the music education at Musicologie! My son takes drum lessons and my daughter takes piano lessons- they have a love for music and they are inspired by their instructors to keep learning more!

Melissa Borkowski – student since 2015

Musicologie is an amazing program committed to creativity and keeping kids engaged while learning. I have a son that is on the spectrum and as such needs accommodations on occasion. Joseph has done a fantastic job keeping the classes fun and learning isn’t ‘work’. My son loves it!

Da Bi – student since 2014

I’ve taken many lessons last 20 years at several different types of studios and music schools. This one of the best music school for private lessons in Columbus. The twice yearly recitals shows the diverse types of music from guitar, drums, strings, voice and piano and bring the sense of community. My daughter and I both take lessons and the instructors adapt to all skill sets from beginner to advanced.