Seth Alexander

Joseph Barker

Seth Alexander Musicologie Drum Teacher

Seth Alexander is a percussionist, drummer, composer/arranger, teacher, and collaborator that resides in Columbus, Ohio. He teaches private music lessons in the Columbus area on a variety of musical instruments, accompanies contemporary dance with live music at OSU, and has previously held the position of Adjunct Instructor of Percussion at Muskingum University.

Seth is most known for his work as a drum set player with the Largemouth Brass Band, Maxwell Hedron, All-Powerful Sungoddess, and many other live bands that keep him active in the local music community. Seth also stays active in the Percussive Arts Society, and is an editor on the forum.

He attended Ohio University in Athens, Ohio to study with Professor Roger Braun, Eric Paton, Ben Ramirez, and Joey Van Hassel, completing a Bachelor of Music degree in 2016 and a Master of Music degree in 2018.