Nicholas Greer-Young

Kyle Lamoreaux

Bass, Guitar, Ukulele Teacher

Musicologie Certified: Level M1

Nicholas Greer-Young is a teacher and musician based in Columbus Ohio. In 2019, they graduated from The Ohio State University with a master’s degree in string pedagogy and have had the privilege of teaching students through organizations including the Detroit Symphony Youth Orchestra, Columbus Symphony Chamber Strings Youth Orchestra, and Peabody Bass Works. Nicholas has taught students from ages three to 50 and believes everyone has the ability to learn. As a paraprofessional they’ve worked with students throughout the autism spectrum and strive to ensure every student has the resources they need to reach their goals.  

In lessons, Nicholas aims to emulate artist Robert Irwin’s teaching in “blending the hard question and the light touch”. This approach allows students to explore their instrument and experiment with ideas that keep lessons engaging and fun. Nicholas can be seen performing with groups including the Lansing Symphony, Lima Symphony and New Albany Symphony Orchestra. In their free time, they enjoy drinking coffee, reading books, and listening to Punch Brothers records.