Matt Murphy

Joseph Barker

Drums and Piano Teacher Musicologie Certified: Level M5

As a kid, Matt Murphy couldn’t stop tapping rhythmically on desks, chairs, tables, and sisters. He spent countless hours at the piano plunking out movie scores, pop songs, and video game themes until his mother decided that maybe music lessons would be a better outlet. After attending Denver University for jazz performance, he has since turned that annoying habit into a profession.

He has toured the U.S and Canada leading bands on drums, piano and even beatboxing, playing in styles ranging from jazz, latin, rock, and even a video game cover band. With an infectious enthusiasm for music education he brings a broader and practical approach to piano and percussion.

His influences include Ben Folds, Shel Silverstein, Picasso, Mr. Rogers, Jack DeJohnette, Miles Davis, and every music teacher he ever had. A native of Colorado and brand new to Columbus, with his 15+ years of teaching experience he is eager to invigorate children’s lives with music!