Manya Aronin

Violin and Beginner Piano Teacher

Musicologie Certified: Level M1

Having played violin since as long as she can remember, Manya Aronin has always found a deep appreciation for making music. After graduating from the Cleveland Institute of Music in 2021 with her BM in violin performance, Manya realized that her true passion lies in helping the next generation learn and find their excitement for music.

Manya is a spirited, but nurturing teacher. Using a Suzuki-inspired teaching approach, Manya orients her lessons to the student’s needs. Getting to know the students and finding what makes them excited is key to cultivating a student’s love for music. Manya firmly believes that every child can love making music, but every student needs to take a different path to get there.

Manya has been teaching violin lessons since 2016, and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in music education from Case Western Reserve University