Bryson Tarbet

Joseph Barker

Voice and Piano Teacher Musicologie Certified: Level M3 Rookie of the Year Award

Bryson Tarbet is an adaptive music specialist from Cairo, Ohio. He graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Music Education from Ohio Wesleyan University and his Master of Music Education degree from Capital University.

In addition to his teaching at Musicologie, Bryson currently teaches preK through sixth-grade music for Jonathan Alder Local Schools. During his graduate studies, Bryson has enjoyed exploring research-backed strategies for differentiation and inclusion to ensure that all students are able to be musically successful.

Bryson teaches private voice and piano lessons, specializing in adaptive music lessons for students with disabilities.

Through differentiated instruction, Bryson focuses on helping students identify their strengths and areas for progress to allow students to gain independence and ownership in their musical growth. Bryson’s goal of encouraging progress through guided exploration goes beyond teaching in the school setting, as his private lessons balance guided learning and student-led exploration.