Bonnie Wu

Joseph Barker

Strings, Piano, Uke Teacher

Musicologie Certified: Level M1

Bonnie Wu got her first violin when she was only three years old. Having played through almost every size of violin there is, she is well versed in the Suzuki method. She loved performing music even from a young age. Along with violin, she also studied piano and later picked up the ukulele. Bonnie now plays violin for Ohio State’s Campus Orchestra while studying for a Bachelor of Science in biochemistry and Chinese, with hopes of going to medical or graduate school. For many years, she has volunteered at her local library where she enjoyed working with kids and seeing them in an environment where they wanted to learn. Aside from music, she enjoys oil painting, shopping, and playing video games on her Nintendo Switch.

She wishes that everyone could experience the exhilarating feeling of being able to play and enjoy music with others.