Aster Kanke

Joseph Barker

Aster Kanke Piano and Violin Teacher at Musicologie Grandview

Piano and Violin Teacher

Musicologie Certified: Level M2

Aster Kanke (previously/concurrently Emily Imes) is a nonbinary composer and pianist. They hold a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Miami University and a Masters in Music from Wright State University. Under their previous name, Aster has arranged music for cabarets, accompanied vocal recitals, played recitals at anime conventions, released instrumental music on Spotify, and has even been sampled by the Wu-Tang Clan. In 2022, Aster will have their orchestra piece, “Tone Poem in G Major ‘Rain-Songs,'” premiered by the Wright State Chamber Orchestra as part of their Fall Strings Festival. Aster is based out of Columbus, Ohio, where they live with their fiancee and their cats.