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Voice Lesson Basics

Most of what we do is private lessons and voice is one of our main focuses. Your voice is an instrument you carry with you every day. It’s uniquely yours and incredibly personal. From learning to sing karaoke or polishing your classical vocal technique, from young kids beginning to develop their ears and voice and muscles, to advanced singers honing their craft, each voice has its own individual strengths and needs.

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Lessons For Beginning Singers

How Old Does My Child Need to Be to Take Singing Lessons?

The muscles and work ethic needed for very intensive vocal training don’t develop until age 12 or so, but starting earlier than that can help kids learn the basics of technique and to develop ear training and musical knowledge. Generally 8 or 9 is about right. As always though, if your child is excited about starting lessons, they should start! So for younger aspiring singers ages 5-8, we often do combination lessons with either piano, guitar, or ukulele to jump start their musical education. For very young singers, we have Musicologie Junior.

What About Voice for Adult Beginners?

It is never too late to start singing! We love adults who are up for the challenge of discovering how to sing. It’s hard work but incredibly rewarding. And we’ll be there to help you set and achieve your specific goals!

The approach to learning at Musicologie is very engaging. We’ve referred friends here for voice, piano and other instruments, it’s a great place!

-Olivia, Musicologie mom since 2014

What About Lessons for Singers with Experience?

If you’ve had some training before, you probably have specific goals in mind for your voice. We’ll pair you with one of our advanced vocal coaches. Some have doctorates and decades of experience in classical technique, some have performed nationally with their bands. Some have voice pedagogy or vocal physiology backgrounds. Some have extensive musical theater experience, or have toured professionally as jazz artists. We want to help you get the voice you want with world-class, university level voice training.

Voice Audition Prep

We love to help singers prepare for musical theater, choir, or college entrance auditions. It’s usually best to start at least 3 months ahead of time if you’ve had training in the past, or 6 to 12 months in advance if you’re new to auditioning. We’ll help you find the perfect piece to show off your strengths, develop individualized vocal exercises to address any areas of weakness, and prepare you for the day of the audition with performance guidance, insider audition tips, and tactics for dealing with stress.


Meet our students

Many of our students are young beginners, but we also have students attending Berkelee, adult who are just starting out, and semi-pro players honing their chops.

Stephanie plays guitar at the Musicologie concert

Stephanie has been taking lessons since 2016. She is in Guitar Ensemble and working toward playing open mics.

Sara at the Musicologie Kid's Concert

Sara has been taking lessons since she was five.
She’s breezed through three lesson books and is learning Roar

How voice lessons work at Musicologie

1. Introduce Yourself

Fill out our form or call so we can get to know you and what your goals are

2. Do an Assessment

We’ll match you with a teacher who will best help you succeed

3. Attend Lessons

Get good! Sign up for weekly lessons and work your butt off!

Want More Info About Our Voice Lessons?

Voice lessons are $32 per half hour paid monthly. All voice students sign up for a quarter of lessons. Here’s a detailed quarter schedule.
Our year is divided into four quarters that roughly coincide with the school calendar. The quarters range from 8 weeks (summer quarter) to 17 weeks (fall quarter). Every voice student commits to a full quarter of lessons at a time. If you start after the quarter has already begun, the quarter will be pro-rated for you.
Nope! You can start whenever you want. We’ll just prorate the remaining weeks of the quarter for you.
The assessment is not a test, so don’t be nervous. It’s a way for your teacher to get to know you, what you like, what your goals are, and what the best path forward is for you to get the most out of lessons. It’s also a way for you to try out your teacher before you commit to a whole quarter.
At our studio in Grandview Heights, just west of downtown Columbus Ohio at 1400 W 3rd Ave.
If your child is excited about voice, the right time is right now! For very young students we have Musicologie Junior. We start private voice lessons at 5. Those lessons are a combination of singing, ear training, and some keyboard work so the student can start to understand note reading and theory. We start more intensive voice lessons at 8. Our teachers are amazing at harnessing and developing young students’ passion for music. Many kids love to sing and lessons is a wonderful way to get them more involved in music.

Grandview Heights Location

Our Grandview Heights teaching studio is at 1400 W 3rd Ave where we do one-on-one singing lessons, group classes and more. Every practice room has a piano so singers can do vocal warm-ups and sing with an accompanist.

Learn More About Grandview

Voice Coaches and Teachers

Your teacher or coach is the bedrock of your singing lessons and we pride ourselves on finding that perfect fit. Voice teachers at Musicologie have diverse backgrounds and specialized skills. Get to know a few:

Join hundreds of other voice students – young and old, beginners and pros


Photo: Kids Recital 2016