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Piano Lessons at Musicologie


The piano is an amazing, magical instrument. It’s the perfect place for most students to start because of the foundational music knowledge piano lessons provide, including technique, theory and a simple, linear understanding of the grand staff. And once you have that foundation, you can take it anywhere: from impressive classical pieces, to your favorite pop song, to adding another instrument to your resume. Piano lessons are absolutely the best way for every music lover to immerse themselves in music.

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Piano Teachers

All of our teachers have piano degrees, teaching degrees, or both. They have tons of experience with students of all ages and know exactly how to help you achieve your goals.

Kay Barker Piano and Voice Teacher at Musicologie

Kay Barker » Piano, Voice

Specialties: Young Beginners, Pop Vocals

Megan Rainey - Piano TeacherMegan Rainey » Piano, Voice

Specialties: Piano Pedagogy

Liz Woolley - Piano TeacherLiz Woolley » Piano, Voice

Specialties: Jazz, Music Therapy

Robert Mason - Piano TeacherRobert Mason » Piano

Specialties: Jazz, Ear Training

Our teachers have taught 17,457 lessons (and counting!)

Our teachers have taught 17,457 lessons (and counting!)

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The Lessons Studio

Piano lessons at Musicologie are taught in our Columbus ohio studio, located in downtown Grandview Heights. We’re across the street from Snap Fitness and Third & Hollywood. And we’re in walking distance of tons of boutiques and shops, including Jenis Ice Cream and Stauf’s Coffee.

Piano lessons at Musicologie are taught in our Columbus ohio studio, located in downtown Grandview Heights. We’re across the street from Snap Fitness and Third & Hollywood. And we’re in walking distance of tons of boutiques and shops, including Jenis Ice Cream and Stauf’s Coffee.

What to Expect From Piano Lessons

1. Do an Assessment


The first step is a one hour piano assessment. You’ll meet with your teacher, fill out some paperwork, and then you’ll get started playing! The piano assessment is designed for your teacher to get to know you and your specific learning style. It also is an opportunity to make sure the teacher we pair with you is the right one. You need to be with a teacher that can make your piano lessons fun and inspiring. If the fit isn’t right, we’ll match you with a different teacher at no charge. The assessment lesson is $60.


2. Schedule an ongoing lesson time


Once you’ve done the assessment, we’ll get you on the calendar for weekly lessons. All private lessons are $32 per half hour weekly lesson paid monthly. Every student commits to lessons through the end of a quarter. It’s totally fine to start in the middle of a quarter, we’ll just prorate the remaining weeks. More about quarters here.


3. Get good!


Now the fun part – learn how to play the piano! Practice hard at home. Come every week to your lesson. Your teacher will give you songs to work on according to your ability and interests. They’ll make sure you’re developing good technique, note reading, theory, and articulation. They’ll encourage you to practice and help you through the inevitable struggles. Then, once you’re ready, you can perform at one of our recitals!

The Piano Blog

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much are piano lessons?

All private lessons are $30 per half hour, paid by the semester


How do the semesters work?

Our year is divided into four semesters that roughly coincide with the school calendar. The semesters range from 8 weeks (summer semester) to 17 weeks (fall semester).Every student commits to a full semester of lessons at a time. Here are detailed dates and tuition.


What if the semester has started already? Do I have to wait?

Nope! You can start whenever you want. We’ll just prorate the remaining weeks of the semester for you


What age should I start piano lessons for my child?

If your child is excited about piano, the right time is right now! We have piano students as young as 3 and 4. Our teachers are amazing at harnessing and developing young students’ passion for music. There are some instruments that are more difficult for very young students, but piano is a great place to start. Read our article about when to start music lessons.


Where are the piano lessons held?

At our studio in Grandview Heights, just west of downtown Columbus Ohio.


What can I expect at the piano assessment?

The assessment is not a test, so don’t be nervous. It’s a way for your teacher to get to know you, what you like, what your goals are, and what the best path forward is for you to get the most out of lessons. It’s also a way for you to try out your teacher before you commit to a whole semester.


What if my piano teacher isn’t a good fit?

Our teachers are fun, engaging and incredibly talented with lots of experience. However we know that a good personality match with your teacher is just as important for lessons to be successful. In the rare event that you’re just not feeling it, we’ll match you with a different teacher, no charge, no questions asked.


Can you do piano lessons at my home?

Currently we only do piano lessons at our Grandview studio. There are two reasons: First, we’ve worked hard to make sure our space is an ideal learning environment. We have a comfortable waiting area, sound proof lesson rooms, a large live room with a grand piano and a recording studio. We’re also located within walking distance or coffee shops, grocery stores, cafes and boutiques. Second, our teachers are all highly trained, in demand professionals. Their schedules are very full and lessons are booked back to back. That means there’s not any time for travel to and from students’ homes. We do know it’s very convenient for students to have lessons in their home, so maybe we’ll offer Skype lessons in the future!

Find Us

Piano Lessons at Musicologie


Musicologie offers private piano lessons in Columbus Ohio. We’re based in Grandview Heights and are in close proximity to Upper Arlington, Marble Cliff, Hilliard and The Ohio State University. Our piano teachers specialize in everything from young beginning piano students to advanced jazz and classical piano performance. Email us at or call 614-407-8750 to schedule a piano assessment today.


Whether you are a beginner piano student, intermediate piano student, or advanced piano student, the piano teachers at Musicologie can help you learn and develop your piano skills. Meet our piano teachers here.

Our Columbus piano teachers work with students of all ages. We teach piano for kids, piano for teenagers and piano for adults.  If you’re just starting out with piano lessons, finding the right piano can be a challenge, read our piano buying guide blog for our take on the options.   All our piano lessons are taught on a semester schedule that mirrors Upper Arlington and Grandview school calendars with breaks during Thanksgiving, Christmas, spring break and summer. Each piano student starts off with an hour long assessment during which the student meets their instructor and develops an individualized piano lesson curriculum tailored to the student’s age, ability, musical tastes and goals.   Everyone at Musicologie is excited to share our passion for piano with you! Sign up for a piano lesson assessment today by calling 614-407-8740.

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