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So you want to learn the guitar? Or your child does, or maybe you’ve had experience and are looking to get back into it. You’ve come to the right place. We’re based in Grandview Heights and are in close proximity to Upper Arlington, Marble Cliff, Hilliard and The Ohio State University. Our guitar teachers specialize in everything from young beginning guitar students to advanced performance in jazz or metal.


Whether you are a beginner guitar student, intermediate guitar student, or advanced guitar student, the guitar teachers at Musicologie can help you learn and develop your guitar skills. Meet our guitar teachers here.


Our Columbus guitar teachers work with students of all ages. We teach guitar for kids, guitar for teenagers and guitar for adults. If you’re looking for a guitar so your child can start guitar lessons, read our recommendation for a great kids guitar.


All our guitar lessons are taught on a semester schedule that mirrors Upper Arlington and Grandview school calendars with breaks during Thanksgiving, Christmas, spring break and summer. Each guitar student starts off with an hour long assessment during which the student meets their instructor and develops an individualized guitar lesson curriculum tailored to the student’s age, ability, musical tastes and goals.


Everyone at Musicologie is excited to share our passion for guitar with you! Sign up for a guitar lesson assessment today by calling 614-407-8740.

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