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For the past two years Musicologie has worked with Music Loves Ohio to provide need-based scholarships to make lessons more affordable for both private lessons and summer camps. We recently learned that MLO is freezing all grants and Musicologie will not be receiving the funds that made our scholarships possible.


But we are not going quietly! It’s so important for us to continue working with our scholarship students. Our scholarships allowed us to reach a more diverse group, which enhances everyone’s experience. These are often students who don’t have access to a robust school music program or music role models. Students for whom music is a passion but private lessons are difficult to afford. Students who show promise and discipline but have few options to develop their skills. We need to keep these students with us and continue to give them opportunities to succeed.


We’ve looked at a number of solutions and at the end of November we introduced The Musicologie Fund. In just a couple weeks we raised $4148.26 in one time gifts and nearly $100 a month in ongoing contributions. But we would love your help too! You can help in two ways:


    1. Spread the word. Let people know our scholarships are available to individuals and families with household incomes less than 250% of the Federal Poverty Level. The scholarships cover 50% of tuition. Here’s the application.


  1. Give to the Fund. The cliche is that every little bit counts. But if each one of our current students gave $0.84 a month, we’d create three new scholarships. Just 84 cents a month! So for real: every little bit counts.


The Future of the Fund

As of right now, we’ve raised enough to continue providing scholarships through all of 2017 and into 2018. That is an amazing thing. A HUGE thank you to all of the people who have been a part of it. So what’s next? First, we’ll continue our outreach so we can keep giving out these scholarships indefinitely. Second, we want to grow and we have ideas in the works. More about that soon. If YOU have ideas and would like to collaborate, get in touch at info@musicologielessons.com

Joseph Barker

Joseph is an audio engineer, songwriter, performer and music instructor in Columbus Ohio. He has traveled the country playing drums and guitar, scored two short films and a musical and written songs for Showtime, ABC, NBC, and MTV.

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