Musicologie Westerville Welcomes Noah Richelsen!

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Patrick Schaefer

Patrick is a voice and piano teacher and Assistant Community Manager.

I’m very excited to announce our newest guitar teacher: Noah Richelsen!

Originally from Rochester, New York, Noah moved to Columbus in 2014 to pursue his undergraduate studies at Otterbein University. Since graduating in 2018, Noah works as an account associate with communications agency FrazierHelby, in addition to teaching private lessons and co-creating the local eight-piece funk collective, TATTAT.

Noah truly believes that music is a gift meant to be shared. Learning as much from his students as they do from him is what excites Noah the most about teaching. “Everyone has music in them – they just need to find it and make it their own”

When he isn’t teaching, writing or performing music, you can find Noah telling stories with friends and family or spending time with his dog, Sam, and python, Jonesy.

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