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Joseph Barker

Joseph is co-founder of Musicologie.

Today we are making the decision to temporarily change how we offer lessons. We think it’s important that we do our part to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, so we are moving exclusively to video lessons. Lessons will no longer be at our studios. Instead, all lessons will be held via Zoom video call.

Students should follow these steps to get ready >>

We’re making this change because we think it’s the best way to responsibly continue our students’ music education. We are positive that lessons can continue to be a fun, exciting experience in this new format. We hope they will be relief in the midst of uncertainty, a normal and positive part of the week in this profoundly unsettling time. We’ve already been testing it and one student said “This was no different than in-person besides the fact that we didn’t have to drive!”

We also have a responsibility to our teachers. Our students’ memberships are a vital part of their income. If they’re not teaching, they’re not earning a living. This is especially important now because many of them also perform. Over the past weeks, their performance income has been entirely wiped out by event cancelations, cutting out a huge part of their paychecks. We’re continuing lessons online so we can help keep people healthy while also creating a way for our teachers to continue working. This won’t last forever, and we’ll come out on the other side stronger and better.

We’re developing a library of resources and some exciting online events and classes, including:

  1. Tips for getting the most out of video lessons
  2. Virtual teacher concerts
  3. Virtual performance practice classes, masterclasses and more

I’m looking at this change as an opportunity to stretch ourselves as educators and musicians. This is a moment when we need to lean on each other, and on our community. If you have any questions about this decision, please reach out to me directly. If you have questions about scheduling or video lessons, reach out to your teacher or Community Manager.

Wherever you are, thank you so much for being a part of the Musicologie community. Stay safe and healthy!

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