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A musical adventure for toddlers and their adults

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Photo: Izzy on French music day

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Not Just a Class – an Adventure

In partnership with Opera Columbus, Musicologie Junior is a group class for toddlers and their parents, guardians or caretakers. At each 40 minute class, we’ll sing songs, move our bodies, dance to different styles of music, read sing-along books, and play lots of musical instruments while your child reinforces her naturally-developing senses of rhythm, melody, rhyme, speech, and movement! We’ll incorporate methods from Kodaly, Dalcroze, and Orff. Ages 0-5.

How it works

Junior is $68 per month for one class per week. Plus you get one free guest pass per month so you can bring a sibling or a friend. If you need to miss, no problem. Just come to one of our other class times.

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I love all instruments! I really love the drums. I love what we sing.

Juliet, age 4

Musicologie Junior

Juliet, age 4

Musicologie Junior kids playing

Preparation for Private Lessons and Beyond

Many people think music ability is something you’re either born with or you’re not. That’s not true! You have to develop talent. You have to learn rhythm. The way to achieve that is to start music exploration early. Kids can learn to be talented musicians, just like they learn to walk and talk.

Of course not everyone is going to be a famous musician, just like not everyone is a great speaker or runner. But we all learn to talk and to run. In the same way, we are all musicians. We just have to tap into it.

Our class does that through an experience and play-based curriculum that introduces kids to a variety of fundamental music concepts and ideas. We touch on solfege, scale patterns, improvisation, movement and rhythm patterns, and even basic note reading. We also reinforce preschool concepts like animals and sounds, body parts, colors, counting, opposites, following directions and sharing.

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Meet the Teacher

Musicologie Junior was created by Kay Barker. Kay studied developmental psychology and has more than 15 years experience working with toddlers and young music learners preparing them for a lifetime of musical exploration. Classes are led by Kay or one of her expert Junior teachers.

We LOVE Musicologie Junior. As a parent to 3 kids under 5 I have no problem getting them to class. They are always eager to go. My children are exposed to new songs, taught about a new instrument and able to explore a plethora of instruments each class. They have learned rhythm and have created a bond with music that they can bring home and continue to explore until our next class.


Musicologie Junior



Is Musicologie Junior different from other early childhood music programs?

Yes, our toddler experience is different in a few key ways. First, it’s mixed age. Bringing a sixteen month old together with a three year old in the same class benefits both kids. The younger one gets to see good behavior modeled in someone other than an adult, and the older child learns how to nurture, share and participate in educating the others. Other programs don’t do this, not because it’s not the ideal learning experience, but because it’s a challenge to develop the curriculum and teacher training. Musicologie Junior was developed with this multi-age experience in mind with curriculum and teachers to match.

Second, it’s hands on with real instruments. Each week has a different musical theme with an instrument to match. Kids get to see and touch and hear these instruments, and participate as they are able. We encourage a sense of exploration and fun with exposure to lots of instruments and music from many cultures and genres.

Want to learn more specifcs about the research and history of early childhood music education? Read our article about the methods behind our toddler class >>

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We teach Musicologie Junior classes at all three of our studios in Grandview, Westerville and Dublin. Each studio has a large community room with exciting instruments including a piano, an organ, an accordion, drums, percussion, toy pianos, violins, guitars, and more.


Our Grandview studio is at 1400 W 3rd Ave where we do one-on-one piano lessons, group classes and events. It’s a cozy space with pianos in every practice room. There’s a large recording studio in the back with a white grand piano, a 1975 Rhodes, and a Hammond organ.

See the Grandview Studio


Our Westerville studio is at 1190 County Line Rd and has a classic white baby grand piano, along with several uprights and keyboards, drum set, guitars and amps. All the tools you need for great lessons.

See the Westerville Studio


Our Dublin studio is brand new for 2019 and is at 6375 Shier Rings Rd, Dublin OH 43016. It’s a spacious lesson studio with huge practice rooms and a large performance and rehearsal space.

See the Dublin Studio