Musicologie Junior Goes Virtual

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Kay Barker

Kay Barker is a teacher and musician with degrees in vocal performance and psychology. She co-founded Musicologie in 2014 and has toured nationally with her band Bella Ruse opening for artists like Sarah McLachlan and Heart.

This past week we had our first two virtual Musicologie Junior classes and they were so. much. fun! It’s very similar to our usual classes, with dancing, singing, reading music books and as much interaction as possible! All you have to do is register here (For FREE by the way) and your little one can sign and dance along with me during our live virtual class every Monday and Thursday at 9:30am.

I do need to apologize to some people who on Thursday tried to use our old public Zoom link to sign up and couldn’t join. I’m so sorry! We want to provide a little more security so you now have to register in advance with your name and email. Go to our Musicologie Junior page to see times and dates and to register for upcoming classes.

See you soon!

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