Musicologie Featured in Tri-Village Magazine!

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Musicologie featured in Tri-village magazine
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Joseph Barker

Joseph is co-founder of Musicologie.

Musicologie was featured in Tri-Village Magazine’s fall issue in an article about music education. Musicologie founder Kay Barker was interviewed and offered her perspective on music education for very young kids. Read what Tri-Village Magazine wrote below:

While most public schools focus heavily on improving students’ proficiency in subjects like science, English and math, the many benefits of art education, particularly in music, may be overlooked.

A systematic review of 26 published studies, republished by the National Library of Medicine, found that music education has been proven to enhance emotional intelligence, academic performance and prosocial skills in children ages 3 to 12 years old.

Public schools in Grandview Heights and Upper Arlington start basic music education classes at the elementary school level. Once students reach middle school, they can choose one of three musical disciplines: band, orchestra or choir. In high school, students can continue that path or answer the curtain call in theater.

But young people in the Tri-Village area don’t have to rely on classes to score some music education. There are plenty of great music academies in the Tri-Village area outside of the school system.

Musicologie in Grandview offers music classes for children as young as 6 months old, ensuring your child learns to play music or sing as early as they learn to talk. These “junior” lessons consist of learning the basic scales, dancing and singing to music, reading sing-alongs, and playing with age-appropriate instruments.

Kay Barker, founder of Musicolo- gie, says your child is never too young to be exposed to music and reap the developmental benefits that come with music education.

“It’s music education in the way that a toddler and an infant can really absorb,” Barker says. “There have been studies that show that it actually in- creases the number of neural pathways in your brain.”

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