Music Teacher Jobs in Columbus Ohio

Hey there! Looking for a job as a private music teacher in Columbus Ohio? You've come to the right place! Musicologie is the fastest growing music school in Columbus. We are always hiring driven, friendly and experienced teachers. Are you graduating from college or grad school? Relocating to Columbus? Apply now to join the team.

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Available Job Openings

We're always looking for teachers for the most popular instruments: piano, voice, and guitar. We highly value teachers who can teach two or more instruments. We also value a diversity of experiences and expertise. Music degrees, education degrees, teaching experience, and professional experience are all relevant. Apply for immediate consideration.

Why Teach at Musicologie?

Musicologie was started in Columbus in 2014 by two music teachers, Kay was a long time teacher whose goal was build a teaching studio where private music teachers were valued, listened to, and paid what they deserved as highly trained professionals. Our mission is to create inclusive communities of explorers and empower teachers to build sustainable careers. Read about how our mission informs our decisions, and about our Community Manager program which enables teachers to become a co-owner at their own Musicologie.

Here's why we're a great place for you to grow your teaching career:

  • The best pay in Columbus. Musicologie's pay scale starts at a higher rate than most other studios cap theirs. One of our Columbus competitors starts at $22 per hour. Some of our teachers make twice that.
  • Upward mobility. All our owners and partners and corporate employees started as teachers. Become part of a fast growing, ambitious company.
  • We fill your schedule. Our job is to get you students. Your job is to teach.
  • Your time is valued. You get paid for all no shows and late cancelations.
  • Student loan assistance. Qualifying teachers can receive a monthly stipend to help pay school loan costs.
  • Free lessons from other teachers. Continuing education is important but we know it's expensive. Study with other teachers for free.
  • Total control.Teachers have total control over and are responsible for their schedule, their studio and their students.
  • Long term contracts with no non-compete. Did you know many private teacher contracts are unfair or even illegal? Know what you're signing and stick up for yourself.
  • Helpful Staff. Every studio has a Community Manager whose job it is to make your teaching life better. We also have a Curriculum Director available to talk about challenging students and give ideas if you need help.
  • Optional Training. Courses and material to address frequent blind-spots like teaching very young beginners.
  • Technology infrastructure. We make billing, scheduling, and getting paid as easy as possible.

Our Columbus Studios

We have four beautiful locations in Columbus. Most teachers work at just one, focusing on the students and community at their specific location. Practice rooms are spacious and light filled, and most locations have a large band practice room and recording studio. Every space has the instruments and material you need to teach well. Missing something? Tell your Community Manager and they'll take care of it right away.

What We Look For When Hiring a Teacher

First, we hire teachers who hold themselves to a high standard and take responsibility for their students' engagement and success. Teachers have the opportunity to tailor lessons to their students and figure out what works for them. If lessons aren’t working for a student, a Musicologie teacher works to make a change to help that student succeed.

Second, we hire teachers who are curious experts. You should already be an expert on your instrument, but you also need to have a deep desire to keep learning. Identify your weak areas and work on them. Hone your lesson plan, work on your communication, develop new strategies for challenging students.

Third, we hire teachers who are leaders in their community. That can mean being active in the Columbus music scene. It can mean participating in community events and performances. It can mean getting involved in Musicologie's events and initiatives. However you do it, community involvement is important.


What Our
Teachers Are Saying

“Y’all, I love teaching at Musicologie. I don’t think I’ve ever been so in love with a studio as much as I am with them. The owners are rad, treat their teachers with respect, and foster a wonderful place to teach and learn in.”

– Justin Fields, Voice Teacher