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1190 County Line Rd
Westerville, OH 43081
Phone: 614-918-7428
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Community Manager: Kyle Lamoreaux

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We have had a great experience in the last year and a half at musicologie. My daughter’s violin teachers have been fantastic and easy to work with. The musicologie app is easy to use when needed and the community manager is very responsive and helpful!
Kate Oakes
Kate Oakes
01:39 15 Oct 19
I am an adult student returning to piano after years away. Although exterior of studio has a flavor of being child oriented, once at the piano with my teacher all of that fades away. My teacher, Thomas Crouch, is infectious in his enthusiasm for classical music, and always prepared for how he is going to help me get to the next step, be it with technique, theory, or the piece we are working on.
Allison Fagan
Allison Fagan
20:15 23 Jun 19
My daughter just started her guitar lessons at the westerville center. She has been playing for over 2 years, so she is not new to the instrument. However I see her grow every week from new skills to really mastering existing ones. Thanks Andrew and musicology.
Sangeetha Venkatraman
Sangeetha Venkatraman
00:16 16 Jun 19
Wonderful teachers who really care about their students! We love it here.
Stephanie Lee
Stephanie Lee
15:20 03 May 19
We love Musicologie! Thomas is a fantastic instructor who has helped my daughter grow more and more confident on the piano. He challenges and encourages her. I am so impressed how far she’s come in just under one year. Highly recommend!
Kristin Scott
Kristin Scott
02:34 27 Feb 19
I’ve been taking lessons at Musicologie for a year and it’s been absolutely amazing. I had no background in piano prior to my lessons and I was playing Chopin’s Prelude #4 within a few months. I recently signed up my 5 year old daughter too and she’s doing great. She is very excited for her lesson each week. Highly recommend.
Kevin Bodkin
Kevin Bodkin
23:09 24 Feb 19
Musicologie is a fantastic local spot for music lessons, and at the Westerville location, you can be assured that your needs will be met.The friendly teachers here will accommodate you regardless of your experience level - beginner to expert, hobbyist or professional, young or old! While they offer lessons for piano, voice, drums, and any manner of winds/brass/strings, my experience with them was voice lessons with Carlos, and the first time I heard the man sing it made me wholly confident in his abilities as a teacher. He was patient, creative, extremely talented and great to work with - do keep him in mind for your vocal lesson needs!The facility itself is well-organized, clean and high quality. They have professional sound-proof studio rooms for your lessons, and many are equipped with pianos, drums and guitars already (though they encourage you to bring your own instrument, other than the piano of course).Perhaps you have been to some terribly mediocre schools around town and you are a tad skeptical? You don't have to worry about that with Musicologie. They take care of YOU first. They make sure you have the perfect match in a teacher before charging you for more than one lesson. They won't overload you with unnecessary computer classes like MacGAMUT. They listen to your needs and construct your lessons accordingly, such as working on pieces that interest you or techniques you personally value while still maintaining their input and feedback as a teacher.Furthermore, the membership fee (starts at $138 monthly, that's $36 a week) is quite reasonable for all the perks you get with it, including unlimited make-up lessons, free group lessons, flexible scheduling, parent engagement with their children's lessons and involvement with community concerts. Both 30 minute and 60 minute lessons are available. Monthly charges don't suit your fancy? No worries - they also offer a pay-per-lesson system known as a Drop In lesson, and while you won't get all the perks of a monthly membership, you will have no strings attached.Why should you choose Musicologie? Because it's the best damn private-lesson music school in the Columbus area. What are you waiting for!?
Colin Betts
Colin Betts
08:42 29 Jan 19
My daughter has taken drum and piano lessons at Musicologie and has had a wonderful experience so far. The instructors are awesomely talented and enjoy sharing their skills. I like the convenience of flexibile scheduling when necessary. This is a great place to learn music!
Cynthia Hamilton
Cynthia Hamilton
18:38 23 Dec 18
A truly incredible place! I've been a student with Musicologie for just over four years. The staff is so supportive and I've had immense help with my music and completing goals in it (songwriting, auditions, contest, etc.). Highly recommend!
Tori Deeds
Tori Deeds
03:13 18 Jan 18
Musicologie has not only been an amazing place for my young son to learn how to play the drums, but to nurture his love for music in a holistic way. The owners Joseph & Kay are both amazing teachers who really get kids and the individualized ways they learn. They have a great line up of staff that cover the gamut of instruments. I really can't recommend the school more highly.
Sara Jones Rust
Sara Jones Rust
21:42 05 Dec 17
Both of our boys have taken lessons at Musicologie for over a year and we couldn't be happier! The instructors are friendly, approachable, and very talented. Our boys are learning both classical and contemporary music that they are interested in and this keeps them engaged in learning.
Irma Carreon
Irma Carreon
19:12 05 Dec 17

Welcome to Our Westerville Lesson Studio

Musicologie is the fastest growing and largest music school in Columbus. We specialize in private, one-on-one lessons for all ages. We know how important a great teacher is to your musical journey. At our premiere music lessons studio in Westerville, we match each student to a specific teacher to make sure you have a great experience learning your instrument right from the start.

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Our Westerville Music Programs

Lukas plays the ukulele at MusicologiePrivate Lessons for Kids

Kids learn best when they’re having fun. Our curriculum combines music your child is interested in, while also giving them the fundamental technique and theory they need. We start private lessons at about 5 years old. If you’re not sure where to start, piano is a great instrument that teaches lots of musical basics. Our flexible program allows your child to switch instruments or teachers if their interest changes.

What to Expect

30 minute weekly lesson time. We’ll match your child to a teacher and get started with a curriculum based on age and interests. We recommend you sit in on the lesson with your child for the first few weeks so you know what they’re learning and how you can help at home. Get started here.

Instruments We Teach in Westerville

Musicologie Concert Adult piano playerPiano Lessons

Piano is a great instrument to start your musical journey. Because it’s visual and linear, it’s the simplest way to learn the building blocks of music. For young beginners, we usually recommend piano as a starting place.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Musicologie Westerville

What is Your Teaching Philosophy?
Music is a critical part of human experience. It enriches everyone's life and can be taught and enjoyed at any age. We believe in nurturing the innate curiosity that everyone in born with, empowering our students to achieve their musical goals. Learning music makes life more enjoyable. It can be a relaxing break from busy life. For young beginners, including infants and toddlers, it's an important component of emotional and mental development. Music is truly for everyone, at every level of playing or singing, and we want to help you make music a deeper part of your life.
What Curriculum Do You Use?
We have two guiding principles: First, you'll stay more engaged by learning music you love. Second, you'll grow faster by using what you've learned in lessons through performing. We'll take traditional method books like Suzuki, Alfred's, Faber, etc., and combine that with contemporary music you're excited about with the goal of performing in one of our ensembles, group classes, or at one of our concerts.

Performing is encouraged as a way to develop your skill, but it's always optional.
What Ages Do You Teach?
We teach all ages. We have a toddler group class for ages 0-5 called Musicologie Junior. We start private lessons around 5 and teach lots of adults as well.
Do I Need My Own Instrument?
Not for your first lesson. We have instruments at our studios you can use for the first few lessons. But after that you'll want to get your own instrument for practice at home. Your teacher will help you pick out the right one. We also have open practice hours so you can come in and use instruments and practice rooms at Musicologie during the week.

If you do have your own instrument, you should definitely bring it with you, as long as it's easily portable - leave your piano and drums at home 🙂
How Do I Sign Up For Lessons?
You can sign up anytime. Get started here by answering a few questions. We'll match you with a teacher and find a time that works for ongoing lessons. The first lesson is called an assessment lesson.
What's An Assessment Lesson?
An assessment lessons is what we call your first lesson. Don't worry, it's not a test! You'll come in, meet your teacher, talk about your goals, go through our policies and develop an individual curriculum. Every student does it regardless of age or ability. For very young students, an assessment is also a chance to see if they're ready for private lessons.
What's a Lesson Membership?
A Lesson Membership is how you sign up for ongoing lessons at Musicologie. It is a flat fee billed monthly. With a Lesson Membership you get:
  • A weekly lesson scheduled at the same day and time with the same teacher - 30, 45 or 60 minutes long
  • Unlimited rescheduling with 24 hour cancellation notice
  • Free select group classes
  • Open practice hours
  • Biannual Concerts
What Are Your Prices?
We have a number of pricing options depending on lesson length and teacher. Get started here to let us know about you and what you're looking for and we'll find a plan that works for you. We also have a scholarship program for qualifying students.

30-minute meekly lessons (best for kids and beginners): $138/month
60-minute weekly lessons (best for adults and advanced students): $274/month
What If I Can't Come to a Lesson?
  • To reschedule your lesson, you must first cancel your regular weekly lesson online at least 24hrs before the lesson
  • Reschedule online using the ‘Reschedule a Lesson’ tab in your account or app
  • You can reschedule no more than 2 weeks in advance
  • You may reschedule with your primary teacher, or a different teacher, or even a different instrument
  • Rescheduled lessons are always subject to teacher availability and are not guaranteed
Can I Do Lessons Every Other Week?
Unfortunately, because our teachers' schedules are very full, we do not offer bi-weekly lessons.
What If I Start in the Middle Of a Month?
You will be charged a prorated amount for the remaining days in the month and then you’ll go into our automated system and be billed on the 1st of each month for the upcoming month.
How Do I Pay For Lessons?
When you sign up for lessons, your credit card or debit card will be automatically debited a flat fee each month on the 1st of the month. To withdraw, you need to provide us with 30-days notice by filling out a withdrawal form. Contact your teacher for the form.
How Do I Withdraw From Lessons?
To withdraw from lessons, you must give 30 days advance notice by filling out our online exit form. This is the only way to withdraw. Contact your teacher or Community Manager and they will provide the link.
If I Withdraw Will My Teacher or Time Be Available When I Return?
When you withdraw from lessons, you time is made available for other students. We will do our best to work with your preferences, but we cannot guarantee a specific time or teacher.
Do You Offer Refund For Missed Lessons?
Musicologie cannot offer refunds for any missed or unused lessons.

Our Westerville Music Teachers and Instructors

All Westerville Teachers
Musicologie Junior
Voice, Piano and Junior
Piano and Drum Teacher
Joe Brenneman
Sax, Clarinet, Flute Teacher
Voice and Piano Teacher
Voice and Beginning Piano Teacher
Piano Teacher
Guitar Teacher
Voice and Piano Teacher
Guitar, Piano and Bass Teacher
Piano and Drum Teacher
Violin Teacher
Guitar Teacher
Ellen Losey Musicologie Teacher
Voice and Piano Teacher
Trumpet Teacher
Violin, Piano and Brass Teacher