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Where do I begin! A big shout out to Wesley and Justin for making my musical journey so smooth and wonderful.They have worked patiently and motivated me to go out of my comfort zone and achieve the milestones that never seemed like an option. Looking forward to achieve more!
Himanshu Mishra
Himanshu Mishra
14:45 08 Jun 20
Justin is not only a vocal performance expert and brilliant business person, he's also a spectacular friend. The resources at Musicologie have helped me refine my vocal technique, write an album, and even put me in contact with a studio to record an album. I can't recommend Musicologie Lewis Center enough.
Jeffrey Book
Jeffrey Book
03:46 07 Jun 20
I have been taking Voice lessons with Justin for about 1.5years now. He is one of the most amazing teachers in terms of technique, music knowledge, communication and personality! I absolutely love taking lessons with him and being part of the Musicologie family. He is kind, understanding, creative and makes sure that each of his students get to where they want to be. I am really glad to have the opportunity to learn with him!!
Preethi Raghuraman
Preethi Raghuraman
01:40 07 Jun 20
Justin and the staff at Musicologie Lewis Center are always professional and attentive. Justin in particular has been the perfect piano teacher for our six-year-old boys, who generally have a harder time warming up to a new teacher. Justin is thoughtful, patient and fun. He understands how to balance learning with just the right amount of entertainment for our kids, and they love going to their piano lessons. They don't even mind having to practice at home. We are really thankful to Justin and Musicologie for making learning music such an enjoyable process for our family.
Jane Lee
Jane Lee
17:13 26 Aug 19
I started taking voice lessons two years ago with Justin and ended up following him to Musicologie a while back, and since then to Lewis Center. I've also done a bit of voice with Regan, and have only praise for both teachers! "Knowledgeable" is the name of the game. Justin has a very scientific, researched approach which I personally like, and which I can only imagine has been a big factor in my improvement!
Robert Patton
Robert Patton
18:01 27 Jul 19
Facility is wonderful, always clean and has plenty of rooms for lessons/practice with plenty of amenities, musically speaking (instruments, music, etc) as well as non musically (free book exchange, water, tea, etc). My only experience with a staff member is Justin Swain but WOW he is perfection as a voice teacher. If I had been asked what all I want and need in a voice teacher and was given just that, it would be Justin. If I was that lucky. He has excellent positive energy, super knowledgeable and a good judge of what is needed for a student at any given time. Would recommend him and Musicologie to anyone, 10/10 with no hesitation!
Samuel Page
Samuel Page
16:12 24 Jul 19
Facility is wonderful, always clean and has plenty of rooms for lessons/practice with plenty of amenities, musically speaking (instruments, music, etc) as well as non musically (free book exchange, water, tea, etc). My only experience with a staff member is Justin Swain but WOW he is perfection as a voice teacher. If I had been asked what all I want and need in a voice teacher and was given just that, it would be Justin. If I was that lucky. He has excellent positive energy, super knowledgeable and a good judge of what is needed for a student at any given time. Would recommend him and Musicologie to anyone, 10/10 with no hesitation!
Samuel Page
Samuel Page
16:12 24 Jul 19
Justin is the best! I started taking lessons from him as an adult student who had built up decades of bad habits, which meant that our first few months together focused on rebuilding my vocal technique from the ground up. Justin definitely knows his stuff and helped me re-engineer my voice so that I could sing with confidence (and without pain), something I hadn't been able to do in years. Not only is he a phenomenal instructor, but he's also a kind and empathetic individual whom I'm proud to call my friend. I'd gladly recommend him to anyone, of any age, who is looking to take their singing to the next level!
Lauren D'Souza
Lauren D'Souza
15:20 24 Jul 19
Justin is THE BEST! He listens to what you want to sing, and works with you to find arrangements that will work. He takes popular songs (Billie wiling, for example) and uses them to get you exited about learning new techniques. Yes, he does like show tunes, but you can’t not find that in a vocal teacher(he chooses songs that you like anyways, so... yeah) He’s fun an pushes you to do things you uncomfortable with (I.e. performing in front of a crud ton of people) and makes sure you’re ready to do it. I could ramble on and on about how awesome he is but I’ll stop here.
MJ Music.
MJ Music.
22:14 23 Jul 19
My son won his first talent show! And has been invited to sing at another show. Thank you Justin!! With each lesson Napoleon is growing more confident in his voice!
E.Diann Patterson
E.Diann Patterson
21:14 23 Jul 19
Justin and the staff are really top notch. Great place for lessons and improving your skills. If your taking lessons elsewhere, stop wasting your money and book here now!
Ed Spahr
Ed Spahr
20:24 23 Jul 19
I have been taking vocal lessons at Musicologie for about 1 1/2 years and Justin has been phenomenal. He has the education, background, and attitude to get you to where you want to be as a singer. He will challenge you and teach you things you didn’t even know about. The facility is open and very inviting. I highly recommend studying here!
Greg Sigley
Greg Sigley
20:11 23 Jul 19
As an adult learner (and completely new to the piano) Justin has been amazing at helping me learn the ropes of the instrument and even how to read music in general. He has gone above and beyond in not only instruction but materials as well. The extra handouts, and study material has been invaluable to my learning experience. He never makes you feel bad about missing a note or having to start your piece over and over again. He truly is extremely knowledgeable about the piano. I've never asked a question her couldn't answer and his determination to make sure you truly understand the material is phenomenal. His desire to keep you growing and learning is remarkable. Every week I achieve something new that the previous week seemed impossible. The goals that we set each week are challenging yet obtainable with practice. Plus his true dedication is answering phone calls, emails or even texts when you're stuck and cant seem to move on. I look forward to what I get to learn each week and wont be stopping my lessons any time soon!
rebecca carl
rebecca carl
15:19 19 Jun 19
Mr.Justin is a super great teacher. He is professional, experienced and really special in teaching. My daughter likes him very much!! Every lesson we can feel his passion and enthusiasm in music. He is careful and patient with every student in teaching. We are so lucky to be with Mr. Justin!!!! My daughter has learned more with super Justin!!:))
18:16 12 Jun 19
Johnna Anderson
Johnna Anderson
08:38 10 Jun 19

Get to Know Our Lewis Center Music School

Musicologie is the largest and fastest growing music school in Ohio. We understand how important a great teacher is to your musical journey. When you take music lessons with us in Lewis Center we match each student to a specific teacher to make sure you have a great experience learning your instrument right from the start.

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Musicologie has more than 236(!) verified five-star reviews and recommendations on Google, Facebook, Yelp and more.

Community Manager Justin Swain has Masters degrees in both Vocal Performance and Vocal Pedagogy from OSU where he was awarded “Most Outstanding Graduate Associate”.

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We make scheduling simple.

Sick kid? Reschedule with a few taps. Can't get out of the house? Switch from in person to online. Need a change of pace? Try a new instrument.


Our Music Programs in Lewis Center

Jonathan at Musicologie JuniorMusicologie Junior

Musicologie Junior is a group class for toddlers and their parents, guardians or caretakers. At each 40 minute class, we’ll sing songs, move our bodies, dance to different styles of music, read sing-along books, and play lots of musical instruments while your child reinforces her naturally-developing senses of rhythm, melody, rhyme, speech, and movement! We’ll incorporate methods from Kodaly, Dalcroze, and Orff. Ages 0-5.

What to Expect

A 40 minute weekly class focused on experiential learning and introducing basic music concepts. Try your first class free >>

Instruments We Teach in Lewis Center

Musicologie Concert Adult piano playerPiano Lessons

Piano is a great instrument to start your musical journey. Because it’s visual and linear, it’s the simplest way to learn the building blocks of music. For young beginners, we usually recommend piano as a starting place.

Learn more about piano lessons >>

Frequently Asked Questions About Musicologie Lewis Center

What is Your Teaching Philosophy?
Music is a critical part of human experience. It enriches everyone's life and can be taught and enjoyed at any age. We believe in nurturing the innate curiosity that everyone in born with, empowering our students to achieve their musical goals. Learning music makes life more enjoyable. It can be a relaxing break from busy life. For young beginners, including infants and toddlers, it's an important component of emotional and mental development. Music is truly for everyone, at every level of playing or singing, and we want to help you make music a deeper part of your life.
What Curriculum Do You Use?
We have two guiding principles: First, you'll stay more engaged by learning music you love. Second, you'll grow faster by using what you've learned in lessons through performing. We'll take traditional method books like Suzuki, Alfred's, Faber, etc., and combine that with contemporary music you're excited about with the goal of performing in one of our ensembles, group classes, or at one of our concerts.

Performing is encouraged as a way to develop your skill, but it's always optional.
What Ages Do You Teach?
We teach all ages. We have a toddler group class for ages 0-5 called Musicologie Junior. We start private lessons around 5 and teach lots of adults as well.
Do I Need My Own Instrument?
Not for your first lesson. We have instruments at our studios you can use for the first few lessons. But after that you'll want to get your own instrument for practice at home. Your teacher will help you pick out the right one. We also have open practice hours so you can come in and use instruments and practice rooms at Musicologie during the week.

If you do have your own instrument, you should definitely bring it with you, as long as it's easily portable - leave your piano and drums at home 🙂
How Do I Sign Up For Lessons?
You can sign up anytime. Get started here by answering a few questions. We'll match you with a teacher and find a time that works for ongoing lessons. The first lesson is called an assessment lesson.
What's An Assessment Lesson?
An assessment lessons is what we call your first lesson. Don't worry, it's not a test! You'll come in, meet your teacher, talk about your goals, go through our policies and develop an individual curriculum. Every student does it regardless of age or ability. For very young students, an assessment is also a chance to see if they're ready for private lessons.
What's a Lesson Membership?
A Lesson Membership is how you sign up for ongoing lessons at Musicologie. It is a flat fee billed monthly. With a Lesson Membership you get:
  • A weekly lesson scheduled at the same day and time with the same teacher - 30, 45 or 60 minutes long
  • Unlimited rescheduling with 24 hour cancellation notice
  • Free select group classes
  • Open practice hours
  • Biannual Concerts
What Are Your Prices?
We have a number of pricing options depending on lesson length and teacher. Get started here to let us know about you and what you're looking for and we'll find a plan that works for you. We also have a scholarship program for qualifying students.

30-minute meekly lessons (best for kids and beginners): $138/month
60-minute weekly lessons (best for adults and advanced students): $274/month
What If I Can't Come to a Lesson?
  • To reschedule your lesson, you must first cancel your regular weekly lesson online at least 24hrs before the lesson
  • Reschedule online using the ‘Reschedule a Lesson’ tab in your account or app
  • You can reschedule no more than 2 weeks in advance
  • You may reschedule with your primary teacher, or a different teacher, or even a different instrument
  • Rescheduled lessons are always subject to teacher availability and are not guaranteed
Can I Do Lessons Every Other Week?
Unfortunately, because our teachers' schedules are very full, we do not offer bi-weekly lessons.
What If I Start in the Middle Of a Month?
You will be charged a prorated amount for the remaining days in the month and then you’ll go into our automated system and be billed on the 1st of each month for the upcoming month.
How Do I Pay For Lessons?
When you sign up for lessons, your credit card or debit card will be automatically debited a flat fee each month on the 1st of the month. To withdraw, you need to provide us with 30-days notice by filling out a withdrawal form. Contact your teacher for the form.
How Do I Withdraw From Lessons?
To withdraw from lessons, you must give 30 days advance notice by filling out our online exit form. This is the only way to withdraw. Contact your teacher or Community Manager and they will provide the link.
If I Withdraw Will My Teacher or Time Be Available When I Return?
When you withdraw from lessons, you time is made available for other students. We will do our best to work with your preferences, but we cannot guarantee a specific time or teacher.
Do You Offer Refund For Missed Lessons?
Musicologie cannot offer refunds for any missed or unused lessons.

Music Teachers in Lewis Center

All Lewis Center Teachers
Musicologie Junior
Piano and Voice Teacher
Voice and Piano Teacher
Piano, Drums and Guitar Teacher
Reeds and Flute Teacher
Brass and Piano Teacher
Violin and Viola Teacher
Cello Teacher
Strings Teacher
Guitar, Drums, Piano Teacher