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Looking for a Great Group Music Class in Lewis Center, Ohio?

Let us introduce you to our group music lessons! They're called Accelerated Labs and are an innovative approach to music education that teaches independent practice skills and accelerates achievement. Lab students move faster through their music, are better at practicing, and are more self-sufficient learners. For most beginning to intermediate students, it’s the best way to learn. Watch Kay explain it in our 90 second video below! Lab is available for piano, drums and guitar.

How Group Music Classes Work at Musicologie Anderson

Three to five students work separately at their pianos with headphones, alternating between interacting with the teacher and independent learning. The lab is compatible with any curriculum, preferred method or repertoire. Each student’s progress is completely separate and independent from everyone else. In addition to their regular curriculum books, Lab students work from Musicologie's proprietary Lab curriculum which fills learning gaps and makes drilling scales and technique fun!

Why Students AND Parents Love Musicologie's Group Music Programs

Our group music lessons, specifically Accelerated Piano Lab, have been shown to dramatically improve a student’s sight reading skills. This is the biggest skill that students need in order to learn music quickly.

  • Students move through their books faster.
  • Students learn more music each week.
  • Includes proven practice techniques so home practice is all about review and increasing speed.
  • Less tedium = more fun at home.
  • Minimizes the parent's need to supervise practice at home.
  • Fewer battles about practicing and just more fun!

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Have Questions?

We're here to help! We want you to be completely comfortable with Musicologie and our programs before you sign up for a membership.

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Getting Started with Group Music Classes

Ready to enroll in one of our group music classes? Great! The first step is to introduce yourself and help us get to know you. You can do that by filling out our get started form. We'll talk briefly about what you want to achieve and then we'll schedule a 30 minute assessment lesson. At the assessment, you’ll meet your teacher, who will go over your goals and develop a personal curriculum for you. We know that your relationship with your teacher is the most important thing about lessons and we work hard to make sure it's right from the beginning. After the assessment, you'll sign up for ongoing weekly lessons. Most are 30 minutes, but some students do 45 minute or hour long lessons. All ongoing lessons are reserved for you on the same day and time each week with the same teacher. You'll also be able to attend optional group classes, performances and open practice.

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Musicologie Students Have a Blast!

We have more than 5000 students and hundreds of 5-star reviews! Musicologie students love learning music, enjoy the community and make serious progress. 

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    Our Philosophy of Education

    Why Choose Musicologie?

    We are driven by a set of unifying principles that guide every lesson, every class, and every interaction.

    We Start Early

    Research shows the earlier you start, the more lifetime benefits you receive from studying music.

    We Believe in Immersion + Exploration

    All our lessons and classes are experiential and immersive, fun and exciting!

    We Teach Life Skills

    Music is awesome! It teaches so many things: emotional intelligence, discipline, self-awareness, motor skills, dexterity and more.

    We Assume Good Intentions

    We grow the trust, mutual respect and confidence of our students by assuming good intentions from everyone.

    We Teach the Process of Learning

    We focus on the process rather than the product, facilitating discovery rather than dictating information. We teach how to learn, not just what to learn.

    We Encourage Mistakes

    Making mistakes is what learning is. You try something, make mistakes, and try again. We encourage mistakes so our students are excited to take risks and try new things.

    Our Responsibility

    We know a student's success is our responsibility. It's our job to make lessons engaging, fun, and easy to be excited about.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    An adult woman on stage with a microphone and a ukulele

    At Musicologie Lewis Center, we understand you may have questions! We want you to have total confidence that Musicologie is the right place for you or your child to start, or continue your musical journey.  So we've collected the most frequently asked questions about our music lessons, our programs, and what it's like learning music at Musicologie. 


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