Musicologie's Programs

The music education programs we offer

We believe in music education for life, so we offer lessons and group programs from age six months into adulthood. We have four core educational programs: Musicologie Junior, Accelerated Lab, Private Lessons, and RockStars. In addition, we have other key offerings like Concerts and Member Events. 

Musicologie Junior

Musicologie Junior is our group program for toddlers and their caregivers. This class is for ages 6 months - 5 years. The experience- and play-based curriculum introduces kids to a variety of fundamental music concepts and ideas and prepares them for a lifetime of music learning and appreciation. Musicologie Junior is a great way to get parents thinking about music education early, and giving them an opportunity to experience Musicologie right away in their young child's life.

Accelerated Lab

Accelerated Piano Lab is an innovative approach to music education that teaches independent practice skills and accelerates achievement. Labs are 4-6 students per one teacher. Lab students move faster through their music, are better at practicing, and are more self-sufficient learners. For most beginning to intermediate students, it’s the best way to learn. We currently offer Lab for piano, guitar and drums.   

Private Lessons

Private music lessons are a great, traditional, way to learn an instrument and we offer them to all ages both online and in-person. Private lessons are what most families think of when they think of music education and they continue to be most of what we do. The most popular instruments are piano, voice, guitar and drums. Private lessons are weekly one-on-one sessions with a teacher.


RockStars is a group band experience. We put 4-6 musicians together in a group playing contemporary rock and pop songs. Playing in a group is a proven way to fast track a student's learning. Any musician will tell you that playing with others is more interesting and rewarding than playing solo. Plus, it’s fun! The program is designed to harness the excitement of playing on stage and use that to make learning music engaging. Our RockStars students can’t wait to go home and practice their parts!


Performing is what it's all about! Our all studio concerts bring students and families together to perform and celebrate progress, create value and excitement, as well as providing a marketing opportunity for your studio. We also host regular performances in the community, and an annual audition only All Star concert. 

Member Events

Our exclusive classes and events provide another way to build community, provide value, and engage students. These are teacher led one-off classes with topics like recording, audition prep, performance practice, songwriting, yoga for musicians and more.