The Musicologie Method®

The Method Behind Our Music Lessons

What is the Musicologie Method®?

The Musicologie Method® is how we deliver the best music education to our students and families. It is rooted in two things: a safe environment, and education through play. Research tells us these two elements are key components of the way everyone learns, from kids through adults.

In music lessons, a safe environment means a place where you feel free to be who you are, encouraged to play the music you enjoy, and excited to try new things. Education through play means having fun playing your instrument! That's why it's called playing music! We use games and strategies to help our music students make serious progress while enjoying the process.

How Does the Musicologie Method® Relate to Franchising?

We approach franchising the same way we approach teaching music lessons. First, we want our franchisees to feel safe at Musicologie. Now let's be clear: safe is relative. There are no guarantees when it comes to starting a business. If you want zero risk in your life, you should, as Ray Croc said, "get the hell out of business".

But the reason franchisees come to us is for our expertise, our coaching and our guidance. It's so they have support along the way, and the comfort that someone - us! - has successfully gone down the path of owning this business before. 

Second, opening a Musicologie studio has to be fun! That's why we're here. We show up every day because we love it. Yes it's a challenge. It's a lot of work. Owning a business requires wearing tons of hats, making big decisions, and switching from one context to another all day long. It's also incredibly rewarding.

It's rewarding to build something that's yours.
It's rewarding to make an impact in your community.
It's rewarding to know all the kids and parents in your neighborhood.
It's rewarding to see a kid get up in front of an audience for the first time and have a blast.
It's rewarding to be able to provide jobs to musicians and teachers.
It's rewarding to be able to give back.