How Profitable Are Music Lessons?

Understand Musicologie's financial performance

We're here because we love music and we love people. We want to work with franchisees that have the same values and goals as us. If you align with our why, and are committed to making a difference for families in your neighborhood, you can build a wildly successful business while hanging out with musicians, hosting shows, and being a hub for your neighborhood.  

But ultimately your success, your revenue and your profit, is up to you. It depends on the work you put in, the service you deliver, and how you treat your community of students and teachers.

Here's some of the questions we ask all our prospective franchisees to guide their thinking and expectations:

  • What is your goal? Do you want to supplement your current household income? Or are you leaving a job and need to replace your current salary? If so, how much? Are you a teacher or are you an executive?
  • How much time will you invest? Will you put in 100% right away? Or will you be splitting time between Musicologie and your current job?
  • What kind of connections do you have in your community? How comfortable are you leveraging those connections to build your business?
  • Do you have a background in sales? Are you excited to be the face of your business and educate your community on Musicologie and music lessons?
  • Do you have a background in customer service? Are you committed to creating an amazing experience for everyone who walks into your Musicologie?

We've built an incredible framework of support. But the person who is going to wake up every day and think about how to build your business is you. The time, energy and optimism you put in will determine how successful you'll be. 

As part of our process to ownership, we'll provide you with our FDD, which has revenue and expense numbers from all of our current studios. We'll also provide our pro forma to complete so you can take those financials, combine it with your own business plan, market analysis, cost and revenue projections and develop a clear financial framework for your Musicologie. Our numbers are representative of our corporate locations and reported in our 2023 FDD.

Musicologie's Music School Franchise Information Report

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