How Do I Recruit Teachers?

How to build a world class teaching team

When we talk to franchisee candidates, the number one questions is "How do I find teachers?" The answer is: It's easier than you might think. Recruiting, auditioning, training and managing teachers is a primary focus of the support we provide franchisees. Finding great teachers is not only key to our success, it's why we exist and is our core differentiator.

Are There Enough Music Teachers Out There?

Yes! Here's the secret: Every aspiring musician teaches. Even Mozart taught private lessons to fund his composing career. Even professional musicians teach. We recently spoke with a guitar player from a very successful band with chart topping records and a platinum single. That guitar player was teaching lessons! Why? First, because teaching is awesome. Musicians love to share their skills with others. Second, because teaching provides consistent income in an industry that is otherwise difficult and fickle. There are teachers out there for your studio. We'll help you find them and show them that Musicologie is the right place for them to build a career. 

How Do I Find Teachers?

We have a number of specific strategies we employ to find teachers, including an applicant tracking system to easily syndicate and advertise job listings, search engine optimized recruiting pages on our website, ways to find and engage the musician communities around your studio, and setting up incentives for referrals. 

Is Retaining Teachers Difficult?

Not if you understand who your ideal teachers are and what they want. We think of our teachers as our clients, just like our students are. We have strategies for teacher retention just like we do for our students. The great musicians that we hire to be teachers have devoted their lives to music. They're not likely to change careers or move to a different teaching job if we create an awesome place for them to thrive at Musicologie.   

How Do I Hire Musicians if I'm Not a Musician? 

First, we have a standardized audition and interview process so even a non-musician can easily understand the skill level a teacher is at, what they're capable of teaching and whether they'll be a good fit for Musicologie. Our review and coaching process guides owners and managers through step-by-step checklists of what a successful lesson or class should look like, sound like, and feel like.

Second, we are available every step of the way to help you understand whether an individual teacher is the right fit for what you need. The final decision of who to hire, how much to pay them, and how to schedule them is always up to you. But our team of musicians is at the ready to help develop recruiting channels, give advice, make suggestions, and vet teacher candidates. 

Musicologie Teachers at an online teacher event

A group of Musicologie teachers at an online event

Why Working With Teachers is Awesome 

Here's the truth: if you're looking for a franchise that doesn't require you to work with people, Musicologie is not the opportunity for you. Between teachers and students and families, people is what we do. But if you're excited about building a team made up of some of the most interesting and unique people you'll find anywhere, then join us and become one of those people!

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