Personal Services (Like Music Lessons) Lead the Pack in Franchise Expansion

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Joseph is co-founder of Musicologie.

According to the International Franchise Association (IFA) 2023 economic report, the personal services industry is poised to grow faster than any other industry in 2023. They write:

As uncertainty and instability continue to challenge retail, entrepreneurs are turning to the franchise model for its collective strengths and ability to leverage scale against external pressures. “Even with today’s economic headwinds, franchised businesses continue to grow, providing more good-paying jobs for their employees, and serving their local communities,” IFA president and CEO Matt Haller said in a statement. “After an historic year of growth during the post-pandemic recovery, the size of the franchise economy in 2023 will exceed pre-pandemic levels—demonstrating the power of the business model for prospective business owners when franchisors and franchisees work together.”

Total personal service franchise establishments are expected to grow to 120,302 locations, while outputs are expected to grow by 6.7% to $42.1 billion.

Musicologie is Ready to Capitalize on Personal Service Industry Growth

At Musicologie, we’re excited to be part of the next chapter of the personal service industry. Leveraging our scale and experience, we’ve innovated proprietary scheduling software that gives scheduling flexibility to parents, a teacher recruiting and auditioning system that empowers franchisees to manage skilled labor, and a teacher certification program that ensures our teachers are awesome. Plus, our simple, effective education programs teach students how to be great musicians while being easy to manage for franchisees.

As the personal services industry experiences high growth over the next years, Musicologie will be riding that wave delivering simply delightful lessons across the country!

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