Musicologie Heads to Noblesville: New Horizons and Big Goals

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Musicologie, a music education franchise, coming soon to Noblesville!
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Kay Barker

Kay Barker is a teacher and musician with degrees in vocal performance and psychology. She co-founded Musicologie in 2014 and has toured nationally with her band Bella Ruse opening for artists like Sarah McLachlan and Heart.

We’re thrilled to announce that Musicologie is opening a new studio in Noblesville, Indiana this fall! This expansion is not just about growing our footprint; it’s about deepening our impact with our community-focused music education franchise.

Why Noblesville? Why Now?

Noblesville is the perfect blend of community and a thriving arts scene. By joining the neighborhood, we are excited to tap into that energy, and enhance access to quality music education. Our goal? To change how people think about learning music, making it more accessible, delightful, and profoundly impactful.

Big Goals

And our vision extends far beyond Noblesville. We’re setting sights on national expansion, bringing Musicologie’s open-minded approach and music education franchises to communities across the country. This is about building something that matters—something that not only teaches music but also fosters community and personal growth in each and every student.

A Music Education Franchise and a Movement

As we prepare to open our doors in Noblesville, we invite you to be part of a movement. A movement that champions innovative music education and builds vibrant communities of music explorers. A movement that shows kids everywhere that they are musical. Because we all are! 

So we want adults to stop telling kids they’re not musical. And we want every child to have a chance to see how much they are truly capable of. Music makes us human and we are all BETTER humans when we make music together.

At our music education franchise, we believe that we are all better humans when we make music together.

Join Us!

To learn more about our vision, goals, and franchise opportunities, visit our music education franchise website. You’ll find all the details there on how you can join us in this exciting new chapter.

We can’t wait to welcome you to Musicologie Noblesville and show you firsthand how we’re revolutionizing music education—one note, one lesson, one community at a time.

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