How Big is the Music Lesson Industry?

Is there enough demand to support multiple franchise systems?

Decades of research have shown and centuries of parents have known the value of music education for their children. Nowadays, as arts and music programs in schools face budget cuts, parents are turning to private music studios who can give their children that great music education that they deserve. It’s no wonder then, that estimates say the private music lessons industry is an $800M market.

Right now, there are about 73 million kids living in the United States. And polls show that the majority of their parents want them to learn music. The Pew Research Center found that a whopping 54% of all US parents (and 62% of parents who earn $75,000 or more per year) sign their kids up for art and music lessons. 

This is because parents understand the value of music in their own lives and want that for their kids. A Gallup Poll survey on public attitudes toward music showed that 87% of the people surveyed said that music is a “very important part of their lives.” In that same poll, seven out of ten people expressed a desire to learn to play a musical instrument. And another 85% of those who don't currently play an instrument wished they had learned to play. 

These statistics reveal the immense value and appreciation that people have for music. It's not just about listening and enjoying; it's about the desire to actively participate and create music. It's a testament to the power and allure of music education, as it continues to spark curiosity and ignite a passion for learning among people of all ages.

At Musicologie, we see the need and the opportunity and have focused on in-person, neighborhood studios. By investing in private music education, parents can ensure that their children receive individualized attention, tailored curriculum, and a comprehensive learning experience.

Today's parents seek more than traditional music instruction; they want their children to engage with music in a way that aligns with their interests and preferences. At Musicologie, we have invested in creating an appealing learning environment, comprehensive curricula, and employing best-in-class music teachers. By focusing on delivering simply delightful music lessons, we attract families who value both the educational and personal growth aspects of music education.

A teacher in a group music class

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