Have a Question About Lessons?

Who are you guys?


Musicologie was started by Kay and Joseph Barker. We are local musicians who have played and toured professionally (and continue to!). Musicologie is now made up of 13 teachers who teach 11 different instruments to toddlers, kids, college students and adults.


How long have you been teaching?


Musicologie is two year and a half years old, and all of our teachers have years of experience. All of our teachers are professional musicians involved in the Columbus music scene, most have degrees, and our advanced teachers have masters degrees in pedagogy.


How much do lessons cost?


Tuition is billed per quarter and we have four quarters a year. Each quarter contains a different number of weeks and so tuition is different for each quarter.  Click here for a detailed list of quarters and costs.


What if I start in the middle of a quarter?


That’s ok! We’ll just prorate whatever weeks remain in the quarter for you.


What if I can’t come to my lesson?


That’s ok too! If you know you’re going to be gone more than 24 hours in advance of your lesson, we’ll work that into your schedule and find an alternate time. If something unexpected comes up within 24 hours of your lesson, we’ll try to find a time for a makeup lesson, but we can’t guarantee it.


How do I keep track of my lessons and payments?


We’re so glad you asked! We have a great online system that allows you to track your schedule, your attendance, make up lessons and pay online. You can even set it up to send you lesson reminders so you don’t ever forget!


Do you guys only teach lessons?


Wow, you’re just asking all the right questions today! Individual lessons are our primary focus of course, but we also do group lessons, parent+child lessons, and master classes. We also have a full recording studio and do audio production, recording classes and licensing. Joseph and Kay also have a band called Bella Ruse.