Dublin Student Feature: Introducing Everett, Master of the Keys!

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Megan Rainey

Megan is lead voice and piano teacher and Community Manager of Musicologie Dublin.

This week, we’re featuring one of our youngest students at Musicologie Dublin: the fabulous Everett, who is four years old!

Everett started his journey at Musicologie with Miss Kay Barker in our Musicologie Junior class for toddlers and their adults. It was here that he started to develop an interest in the accordion! Now in weekly private lessons, Everett is learning his way around the piano, the accordion, and even the organ. If it has keys, this young man can figure it out!

Everett’s mom Kristy had the following to say about their lesson experience so far:

“We began classes with Miss Megan during the spring shutdown, and this gave us a great activity and learning opportunity.  Now we can go to studio for Megan’s valuable guidance, Ev and Miss Megan play duets, and he’s achieving skills and understanding of music.  He is reading music before reading words!  More importantly, he is learning how to practice something and how it feels to gain talent.”

Watching Everett progress in his music-making is an absolute joy every week, and his curiosity truly knows no bounds. As soon as we learned Ode to Joy on the piano, he was eager to try it out on the accordion and organ, as well! Check out his impromptu organ rendition below:

Keep on rockin’, Everett! We can’t wait to see where your music takes you!

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