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I’ll Get To That Later…

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How many times have you said to yourself, “I’ll get to that later…” only for that task to drift off into obscurity? If 2020 has taught me anything, it’s that time is fleeting and the promise of tomorrow is in fact, not guaranteed.

Meet Nia Dewberry M.M.

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Several studies conducted over the past decade show a disproportionate rate of BIPOC musicians in orchestras, on the conductors podium, in arts administration, and nearly all other areas of the classical music world. Fresh out of completing a Master of Music degree in Violin Performance at The Ohio State University, I’m excited to introduce you all to Dayton, Ohio native Nia Dewberry who continues to make ripples in the classical music world as an artist of color. For the past year, Nia has taught violin at our Lewis Center location, as well as at Ohio State and around Columbus. When … Read More

Why I Love Listening to Music

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This summer, I’ve been growing a vegetable garden. My students already know this – I can never resist sharing what kind of tomatoes or peppers have been getting ripe, or what kind of critters have been taking bites out of my lettuce plants. Like any proud plant parent, I wonder every day if I’ve given them enough water. And it got me thinking that, for those of us learning to make music, listening to music is a way we can “water” our growing musical skills. One of the things I enjoy most about teaching virtually is how easily my students … Read More

A Weekend of Student Concerts at Musicologie Lewis Center

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This past weekend we celebrated nearly 40 Musicologie voice and piano students in concerts. Saturday members of my own voice studio presented our Second Annual Summer Musical Theatre Cabaret and Sunday afternoon, voice and piano students of Hannah Bullock came together to present their Summer Recital. Preparing for concerts and recitals under normal circumstances can be challenging, (let alone during the current global crisis we’re facing in the form of combating the pandemic) both for students and for their teachers. There’s the ongoing need to check schedules, confirm performance pieces, and so many other administrative tasks that it easily becomes … Read More

DIY Dice Game

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Developing Musicianship Skills Through Play For years, I struggled with rhythm and basic musicianship skills. As a singer, I heard very early on in college from classmates that “singers are stupid,” because our musicianship skills are typically no where near as developed as our instrumentalist counterparts. Oftentimes, I found that my more successful voice colleagues who were often time whizzes when it came to aural skills (sight-singing and rhythm performances) had studied an instrument (usually piano) as a child, and had quite a bit of music theory, sight-reading, and aural skills incorporated in their instrumental lessons growing up. The past … Read More

Rubber Duck Code Debugging Our Music-Making

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Drawing Parallels Between Music and Code Debugging This month I’ve had the privilege of completing a Performance Psychology course online with Dr. Noa Kageyama of the Bulletproof Musician. I began the class fully anticipating having heard of or used several tactics for addressing performance anxiety – the main area I was hoping to gain knowledge in – but I’ve learned far more than I originally anticipated, and my favorite concept discussed in the course is something that I had been doing for years subconsciously from my other passion: coding websites. It will sound outlandish, but I owned my first .COM … Read More

What’s In A Space: The Importance of Where We Create

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Anyone who has stepped into my room at the Lewis Center studio (or room 4 at the Grandview studio prior to my embarking on co-ownership of a studio) knows instantly the emphasis that I place on having a space that feels like art is meant to be created inside of it. From gifts that students have given me over the years, to my own original artwork, photos of myself with colleagues and friends, plants, awards and diplomas, and a color scheme that ignites my creativity and helps prepare me for the work I get to do on a daily basis, … Read More

Six Days of the Week, You’re Your Own Teacher

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The Importance of Effective Practice Habits from a Voice Teacher’s Perspective, Part One One of the most common questions I find new students asking is, “What should I practice?” or “How should I practice?” The simplest response is, “The songs we’re working on, of course.” But what of practicing where to breathe, or developing consistency in the performance of the music? What if the student isn’t well-versed in reading sheet music and just has access to lyrics? There are a variety of methods one can take, as well as resources to make use of outside of the voice studio. In … Read More

What It’s Like to Be A Black Small Business Owner

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What is it like being a BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) small business owner? So many things, but to fully understand the magnitude of what it means to me, I want to share with you my story. I grew up on the westside of Columbus (Hilltop), where breaking the cycle of poverty and substance abuse just didn’t seem possible for people like me. But I knew from a very young age that I didn’t want to be in the same circumstances I was born into. Living with a drug-dealing father with substance issues all the while being a … Read More

Teacher Feature: Hannah Bullock

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This week we’re featuring the multi-talented vocalist, pedagogue, pianist, and voice actress, Hannah Bullock! Hannah completed her Master of Music degree in Vocal Performance & Pedagogy at Ohio University in Athens where she served as a graduate teaching associate and accompanist, and she also possesses a Bachelor of Music in Music Technology from Capital University. Most recently, Hannah has been seen around Columbus performing as part of Opera Columbus’ The Voice of Freedom: Civil Rights cast. During her studies in graduate school, she performed the role of First Lady in Ohio University Opera Theater’s production of Die Zauberflöte and as … Read More

Student Feature: Jeffrey Book of First Cognate

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Since March of 2019, Jeffrey Book has made continuous progress as a student at Musicologie — first at our Grandview studio, and now at our Lewis Center location studying with Community Manager and Teacher of Voice & Piano, Justin Swain. Earlier this year, Jeffrey released a music video for his single, “One Good Day” and today made his Spotify debut as he released his latest song “One Last Thought.” Listen to One Last Thought on Spotify This afternoon we interviewed Jeffrey about his journey in releasing his music: Congratulations on releasing another song, this time on Spotify! How does it … Read More

We’re Back in the Studio!

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? And we’re officially back in our spacious studio for both socially distanced in-person lessons as well as remote online lessons! ? Here Voice & Piano Teacher Hannah Bullock is working with one of her students in an online lesson in her room. ? Ready to start lessons or want to learn more? Visit our website at ??☺️

One Year of Our Lewis Center Studio

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Today marks one year since we received the keys to what would become home to a thriving community of music-explorers in Lewis Center! The past year has been a whirlwind of experiences, full of overcoming challenges through inventive endeavors and having a lot of fun doing so. Over the past year we’ve hosted 20+ free group classes, collectively taught 3,200+ lessons, held five concerts featuring over 50 performers, hired 13 new teachers, volunteered as guest clinicians to help prepare local choral students for upcoming concerts, served as adjudicators for Solo & Ensemble events, and have provided nearly a dozen lesson … Read More

Why I’m Taking a Break From Academia to Open Musicologie Lewis Center

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Graphic by katemangostar After completing a Bachelor’s degree in music and enrolling as a graduate student at Ohio State to pursue a dual-Masters program in vocal performance and pedagogy, I faced a question every college-trained musician faces: What’s going to happen after I finish graduate school? Apply for a doctoral program? Complete an Artist Diploma? Enter the audition circuit for performances and do the starving artist thing until I land a breakout role? Luckily for me, I was referred to Musicologie by several colleagues who taught in Grandview at the time. After having looked into teaching at several other studios … Read More