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Everyone’s Very Own TMBG and Weird Al Yankovic!

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It’s probably not actually that hard to believe, but I was an extremely dedicated fan of both They Might Be Giants and Weird Al Yankovic growing up. I memorized every lyric, went to their concerts, bought their discography, and even learned to sing/play “Birdhouse in Your Soul”, “Ana Ng”, “One More Minute”, “The Saga Begins” along with so many other brilliant songs. But let’s face it, what 11 year old kid DOESN’T love Weird Al or They Might Be Giants?……No? Just me?! Okay… So in going down the YouTube rabbit hole of videos, best of lists, and interviews, I’ve come … Read More

Dublin Student Feature: Introducing Everett, Master of the Keys!

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This week, we’re featuring one of our youngest students at Musicologie Dublin: the fabulous Everett, who is four years old! Everett started his journey at Musicologie with Miss Kay Barker in our Musicologie Junior class for toddlers and their adults. It was here that he started to develop an interest in the accordion! Now in weekly private lessons, Everett is learning his way around the piano, the accordion, and even the organ. If it has keys, this young man can figure it out! Everett’s mom Kristy had the following to say about their lesson experience so far: “We began classes … Read More

Sight Reading Isn’t the Enemy!

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I have a confession to make: I used to be a terrible sight reader. Reading a new piece of music on the spot, without the aid of my ear, was a special kind of torture for me as a young pianist. My brain would shut down, my hands would freeze, and it felt as though I was trying to read a foreign language. (That 7-year-old pianist in the picture above? That was me in 1999, when learning a new piece at the piano meant doing as much as I could to rely entirely on playing by ear!) I did not … Read More

“Where is My Mind?” – New video from Musicologie teacher band O.R.B.!

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Musicologie Dublin and Grandview teacher Matt Murphy is a musician of many talents; in addition to being an experienced percussion and piano teacher, he also is a prolific composer, arranger, performer, and – most recently – music video creator! Welcome to the wild and wonderful world of O.R.B. (The Obscure Reference Band): a group of music educators who come together to perform video game music, arranged by Matt himself. O.R.B. features Matt on drums, as well as Musicologie teachers Liz Woolley (voice and keyboards), Joe Brenneman (woodwinds and backing vocals) and Nick Terelle (guitar and audio mixing), along with bassist … Read More

Socially Distant But Emotionally Connected

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My voice student Cynthia Vaughn is an absolute treasure and highlight of my Saturday mornings. Cynthia shines with a bright positivity, great ambition, and willingness to explore, as we work through all facets of her voice. Whether it’s bringing in original material or giving us a heartfelt rendition of “Close to You”, she always has a game plan. And I am always right there with her, to help her in any and every way I possibly can. Since she works an extremely stressful job during the week, Cynthia enrolled in piano and voice lessons with Musicologie to tap into her … Read More

Thinking Beyond the Score: How to Explore Your Favorite Songs by Ear

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Learning to read music is an extremely valuable part of learning to play an instrument. But what about learning to play a song you enjoy listening to on the radio? Sure, there are many resources out there where you can find sheet music arrangements of popular songs by professionals and enthusiasts ( and Musescore, to name a few). But what if your favorite song doesn’t have an accessible arrangement? What if the arrangement is too hard, too easy, or… just not quite right? This is where ear training comes in. As part of my lesson curricula, I make it a … Read More

Conquering Performance Anxiety: a Pianist’s Perspective

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Performing is one of the most important components of being a musician. It provides a tangible goal for our practice, and it allows us to share and celebrate our art with our loved ones. Although live music may not be so common during the COVID-19 pandemic, at Musicologie, we frequently host Virtual Student Concerts to help our students continue to build their skills and support each other’s hard work. (Pictured above: Dublin voice student Alex Rector sings his rendition of “Anything Goes” at our last Virtual Student Concert.) But sometimes, let’s face it: performing for others can be a little … Read More

Virtual Concert this Friday: Featuring the Musicologie Dublin Rock Band!

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Last month, Musicologie Dublin’s Rock Band got the chance to reunite for the first time since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Following a series of socially distanced rehearsals (complete with masks, open doors, and a ton of space between each member – the whole shebang!), the band will be giving their very first performance at this Friday’s Virtual All-Star Student Concert! Musicologie’s Rock Band is led by bass instructor Bruce MacLaughlin (pictured above), and features violin instructor Kristen Elliott alongside Dublin students Ted Elliott and Tom Allenbaugh. Our Virtual All-Star Concert will also feature fabulous performances from students from … Read More

From accordion to marimba – we teach more than piano at Musicologie Dublin!

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While we’re still your number one source for awesome piano, voice, guitar and drum lessons in Dublin, we also offer a variety of less common instruments! We have teachers who specialize in woodwinds, brass, marimba/percussion, and even accordion! Pictured above: accordion student Barb works on a new song to play for Columbus’s renowned German singing society, the Columbus Maennerchor. We’d love to help you reach your musical goals. Sign up for virtual lessons or physically-distanced in-person lessons today at !

Keeping it safe during in-studio lessons!

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Our Musicologie Dublin teachers are hard at work making sure everyone has a great lesson experience – whether in-person or online. For our in-person students, we are sanitizing all instruments and shared surfaces between every lesson, and all instructors are wearing masks and maintaining a safe distance while teaching. Pictured above: Our awesome piano and voice student Noni keeps it safe while playing Beethoven’s Sonata No. 15. Keep the music going, everyone! Ready to start your musical journey? Sign up for an online or in-person assessment today at

Dublin Teacher Feature: Welcome, Doug Neel!

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Musicologie Dublin is thrilled to welcome our newest guitar instructor, Doug Neel! He will also be joining the staff at our Westerville sudio. Doug has over 17 years’ experience as a university guitar professor and specializes in both performance and education, for beginners and seasoned professionals alike. He is well-versed in a plethora of styles including jazz, classical, and rock, and he has played alongside world-famous acts such as Melissa Manchester, Ernie Krivda and Aretha Franklin! Doug also is an active performing trombonist and bassist. For more information on Doug’s experience, check out his biography on our teacher homepage. Interested … Read More