Become a Musicologie Teacher

We’re looking for entrepreneurial musicians who are passionate about education. Learn why Musicologie is a great place to teach.

High Compensation

Starting rate is $36/hour

We start at a higher rate than other studios cap teacher pay

Flexible Hours

You’re in control of your schedule – work when you want

We want teachers to do what they do best: Play music! Gig, tour, record – work on your performance career. Reschedule your lessons as needed! No scheduling middle man.

Student Loan Repayment

All of that music education adds up. We want to help you grow a sustainable future in music

Teachers who teach 15 hours or more a week can qualify for a monthly student loan stipend

Room for Growth

Annual raise reviews

We’re always looking for entrepreneurial teachers to work alongside us to grow our studio

Have an idea for a class, a partnership or a new program? We’re all ears!

No illegal non-compete contracts

Most studios make you sign one. But if you’re an independent contractor, it’s illegal to put a non-compete in your contract. So we don’t do it. Duh.

Organizing a full schedule in music is complicated: Non-compete contracts make it impossible

Continuing Education

Take lessons from other Musicologie Instructors for FREE

Free quarterly workshops on topics ranging from Elementary Music Education to Recording at Home!

From the Horse’s Mouth

“Y’all, I love teaching at Musicologie. I don’t think I’ve ever been so in love with a studio as much as I am with them. The owners are rad, treat their teachers with respect, and foster a wonderful place to teach and learn in.”

– Justin Fields, Voice Teacher

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