Become a Musicologie Teacher

We’re looking for entrepreneurial musicians who are passionate about education. Learn why Musicologie is a great place to teach.

High Compensation

Starting rate is $36/hour

We start at a higher rate than other studios cap teacher pay

Flexible Hours

You’re in control of your schedule – work when you want

We want teachers to do what they do best: Play music! Gig, tour, record – work on your performance career. Reschedule your lessons as needed! No scheduling middle man.

Help With Your Taxes

Classes and Seminars

1099 Self-Employment taxes are complicated, we’re here to help!

Student Loan Repayment

All of that music education adds up. We want to help you grow a sustainable future in music

Teachers who teach 15 hours or more a week can qualify for a monthly student loan stipend

Room for Growth

Annual raise reviews

We’re always looking for entrepreneurial teachers to work alongside us to grow our studio

Have an idea for a class, a partnership or a new program? We’re all ears!

No illegal non-compete contracts

Most studios make you sign one. But if you’re an independent contractor, it’s illegal to put a non-compete in your contract. So we don’t do it. Duh.

Organizing a full schedule in music is complicated: Non-compete contracts make it impossible

Continuing Education

Take lessons from other Musicologie Instructors at a huge discount!

Free quarterly workshops on topics ranging from Elementary Music Education to Recording at Home!

From the Horse’s Mouth

“Y’all, I love teaching at Musicologie. I don’t think I’ve ever been so in love with a studio as much as I am with them. The owners are rad, treat their teachers with respect, and foster a wonderful place to teach and learn in.”

– Justin Fields, Voice Teacher

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