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Musicologie Anderson RockStars

Rock Band Classes in Anderson, Ohio

Have you dreamed of playing with a band on stage? Join Musicologie RockStars, our premier rock and pop performance program. You’ll learn a mix of contemporary and classic songs practicing with your band once per week. RockStars students meet new friends, are more excited about learning in their private lessons each week and have a blast playing at real venues. It’s a great way to grow as a player in a fast and exciting environment.

How the RockStars Program Works

Each rock band is made up of 4-6 players grouped by instrument and age. Band members have one hour long rehearsal each week and one 30 minute private lesson. They work on their individual parts in their private lessons and come together during the band rehearsal to practice playing as a group.

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The Method

Playing in a group is a proven way to fast track your playing. Any musician will tell you that playing with others is more interesting and rewarding than playing solo. Plus, it's fun! Musicologie RockStars is designed to harness the excitement of playing on stage and use that to make learning music engaging. Our rock band students can't wait to go home and practice their parts!

The Music

Bands choose from a menu of music arranged specifically for their ability level. Parts are available online with practice recordings so reviewing at home is simple!

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Musicologie Students Have a Blast!

We have more than 5000 students and hundreds of 5-star reviews! Musicologie students love learning music, enjoy the community and make serious progress. 

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    Our Philosophy of Education

    Why Choose Musicologie?

    We are driven by a set of unifying principles that guide every lesson, every class, and every interaction.

    We Start Early

    Research shows the earlier you start, the more lifetime benefits you receive from studying music.

    We Believe in Immersion + Exploration

    All our lessons and classes are experiential and immersive, fun and exciting!

    We Teach Life Skills

    Music is awesome! It teaches so many things: emotional intelligence, discipline, self-awareness, motor skills, dexterity and more.

    We Assume Good Intentions

    We grow the trust, mutual respect and confidence of our students by assuming good intentions from everyone.

    We Teach the Process of Learning

    We focus on the process rather than the product, facilitating discovery rather than dictating information. We teach how to learn, not just what to learn.

    We Encourage Mistakes

    Making mistakes is what learning is. You try something, make mistakes, and try again. We encourage mistakes so our students are excited to take risks and try new things.

    Our Responsibility

    We know a student's success is our responsibility. It's our job to make lessons engaging, fun, and easy to be excited about.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    An adult woman on stage with a microphone and a ukulele

    At Musicologie Anderson, we understand you may have questions! We want you to have total confidence that Musicologie is the right place for you or your child to start, or continue your musical journey.  So we've collected the most frequently asked questions about our music lessons, our programs, and what it's like learning music at Musicologie. 


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