Our Story

Who We Are

Musicologie is the largest music education company in Columbus Ohio. Our mission is in two parts: First, create an inclusive community of music explorers and second, empower teachers to build sustainable careers. We have four studios in Columbus: Grandview Heights, Westerville, Dublin and Lewis Center. Musicologie was started by husband and wife Kay and Joseph Barker in their house and we’re now a team of 50+ amazing teachers with diverse backgrounds and specialties.

What We Do

We help people become better musicians. We are unabashedly passionate about music – teaching, performing, recording, everything! We teach almost every instrument and specialize in one-on-one private lessons for kids and adults. We also do group classes, events, in school presentations, summer camps, workshops, and we write articles, like this one about the teaching methods we use in our toddler class.

Our Teaching Philosophy

Every student is different with their own goals, abilities and musical tastes. We create an individualized experience that’s comfortable and positive, making sure that every lesson is both fun and challenging. We also know that learning an instrument is hard work and can get frustrating. We’re here to develop our students’ skills and passion at the same time and will fight through the challenges with them! We also believe great music lessons should be available to everyone, so we offer scholarships through our project, The Musicologie Fund.